Mr and Mrs Mustard Riddle Answer: now we room going to fix Mr and Mrs Mustard have actually 6 daughters riddle because that you. World are sharing the mr and mrs mustard riddle through friends and also family members on social media and difficult them to offer the correct answer come this puzzle. The answer to this riddle is not that easy as you might think.

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Here in this post, we are going to provide the correct Mr and also Mrs Mustard Riddle Answer. So what room you waiting for, just scroll under to gain the answer, and difficulty your friends appropriate away and also ask castle to solve this riddle correctly.

Riddle Question – “Mr and also Mrs Mustard have actually six daughters and also each daughter has actually one brother. Just how many people are in the Mustard family?”

Mr and also Mrs Mustard Riddle Answer

The Mr and also Mrs Mustard Riddle Riddle price is Nine

Mr and Mrs Mustard Riddle Riddle Solution

The “Mr and also Mrs Mustard Riddle” is a tricky riddle. In the very first place, numerous of you will certainly say 12 people. However if you check out the and understand the riddle correctly, the says:-

Mr and also Mrs Mustard have six daughters and each daughter has one brother. Due to the fact that all 6 daughters have actually the very same brother. For this reason there are Mr Mustard, granny Mustard, six daughters and 1 brother (of every daughter). This makes 9 world in the Mustard family.

To do this an easy for all of you come understand, here is a an easy solution to this riddle. Have a look:-

Mr. Mustard – 1 Person

Mrs. Mustard – 1 Person

Six Daughters – 6 Persons

Since each daughter has 1 brother and also they share the exact same brother.

So brothers – 1 Person

Total 1+1+6+1=9">1+1+6+1 = 9 Person

Therefore, Mr and Mrs Mustard Riddle answer is nine (9) person.


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