Elizabeth Bennet an intelligent and also spirited young woman who possesses a to crawl wit and also enjoys researching people"s characters. Although she initially dislikes Darcy, circumstances reason her to reassess her negative impression that him, and she ultimately falls in love through him.

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Fitzwilliam Darcy A wealthy, proud guy who falls in love v Elizabeth and reveals a generous, thoughtful nature in ~ his rather stiff demeanor.

Mr. Bennet Elizabeth"s ironic and often apathetic father. Unhappily married, he has actually failed to carry out a certain financial future because that his wife and also daughters.

Mrs. Bennet Elizabeth"s foolish and unrestrained mother who is obsessed v finding husbands for her daughters.

Jane Bennet A gentle and kind-hearted young woman who is Elizabeth"s confidant and the oldest of the Bennet daughters. She falls in love through Bingley but is cautious about revealing the depth of her feelings for him.

Mary Bennet The pretentious third Bennet daughter, that prefers reading over socializing.

Catherine (Kitty) Bennet The Bennet"s peevish fourth daughter, that joins she sister Lydia in flirting with soldiers.

Lydia Bennet The Bennet"s immature and also irresponsible youngest daughter. Mrs. Bennet"s favorite, she shocks the household by running away through Wickham.

Charles Bingley A good-natured and also wealthy guy who drops in love with Jane. That is quickly influenced through others, especially by his close girlfriend Darcy.

Caroline Bingley Bingley"s shallow and also haughty sister, that befriends Jane and also later snubs her. She do the efforts to entice Darcy"s attentions and also is jealous as soon as Darcy is instead attracted to Elizabeth.

Mr. And also Mrs. Hurst Bingley"s snobbish sister and also brother-in-law. Mrs. Hurst spends most of she time gossiping v Caroline, while Mr. Hurst walk little an ext than play cards and also sleep.

George Wickham A handsome and also personable fortune hunter to whom Elizabeth is at first attracted. He ultimately runs off with and is compelled to get married Lydia.

Lady Catherine De Bourgh Darcy"s arrogant aunt, who dominates Mr. Collins and entertains wishes that she daughter will certainly marry Darcy.

Miss De Bourgh Lady Catherine"s sickly, bland daughter.

Colonel Fitzwilliam Darcy"s well-mannered and pleasant cousin, that is interested in Elizabeth, but who requirements to marry someone through money.

Georgiana Darcy Darcy"s shy yet warmhearted sister.

Mr. Collins Mr. Bennet"s man cousin, that will inherit Longbourn ~ Mr. Bennet"s death. Top top Lady Catherine De Bourgh"s recommendation, he seeks a bride, an initial proposing come Elizabeth and then to Charlotte Lucas.

Charlotte Lucas Elizabeth"s sensible and intelligent friend, who disappoints Elizabeth by marrying Mr. Collins for money and also security.

Sir William and Lady Lucas Charlotte"s parents and also the Bennets" neighbors.

Mr. And Mrs. Gardiner Mrs. Bennet"s intelligent and cultivated brother and also sister-in-law.

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Mr. And Mrs. Phillips A country attorney and his vulgar wife, that is Mrs. Bennet"s sister.