superdan wrote:Im not trying to find a attach from srtchrischona2015.orgs as response to mine question/request.I would favor to understand if who can explain to me what vacuum lines must go where. The diagrams I uncovered on srtchrischona2015.orgs average nothing come me together it just confused me also more.

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I just want who to tell me, because that example: The vacuum line from her blow off valve goes to the entry manifold. Just offer me a list of what lines should go where.

What space you looking for? What turbo space you using, what choices do you have that usage vacuum, etc.??

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To be honest, the easiest information so much on this is top top SRT fourms. ... Ps-565729/That web page has every one of the most common kind hook-ups. Look that over and see if girlfriend still have actually questions.

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^^^ it is the link I have actually been trying to make sense of because that a while now lol
1.) So according to that diagram ns will have nothing hooked approximately solenoid #3? So ns can eliminate the blue line? 2.) Which harbor on the entry manifold does the bov T into? Does the matter?3.) The line coming off the turbo whereby it claims "cap nipple" confuses me. Why/how might to lid that? Why not simply run a right line come air cleaner?
*Note: In the aftermarket BOV diagrams that suggest to "cap nipple" ~ above the line coming turn off the turbo housing, this simply method either lid the nipple the Blue line to be going come or eliminate the "T" v a directly coupler (best option to protect against potential leaks).
SO will I should cap the nipples ~ above the #3 solenoid to not have actually leaks? I recognize these are all dumb questions but I just want to have the ability to turn my car on and also not have any kind of vacuum the the very least amount the leaks as feasible lol
Yeaaah, ns was just seeing if you to be paying attention lolz...thanks john. Walking to shot and gain these figured out tomorrow so i can lastly start this vehicle up lol
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