friend engine has a timing chain and also not a time belt. That method the only time you readjust it is as soon as there is one issue. If you room not having any performance worries or noise indigenous the front of the engine at start up climate you are simply fine v the timing chain. In basic terms there room meant to last the life the the engine. The is rare that the time chain fails and also needs replacing. Normally it is simply replaced due to an additional issue. Allow me know if this provides sense or you have actually other questions. Thanks.

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Hi, The 3.5L has actually a time chain that must last the life that the engine. However, they have the right to stretch and there are contents that can go poor causing noise, negative running conditions and also so on.Note: There space actually 3 chains on this vehicle. Can you phone call me what you room experiencing?Let me know. If that is something friend would choose to change, right here are the directions. They are extensive. Every one of the enclosed pics correlate through the directions._______________________________________2002 Nissan-Datsun Maxima GLE V6-3.5L (VQ35) Removal and also InstallationVehicle Engine, Cooling and also Exhaust Engine Timing components Timing Chain Service and also Repair Removal and also Replacement Removal and also InstallationREMOVAL and INSTALLATIONpic 1Exploded viewpic 2Legend CAUTION: - after ~ removing time chain, carry out not revolve crankshaft and camshaft separately, or valves will certainly strike piston heads. - when installing camshafts, chain tensioners, oil seals, or various other sliding parts, lubricate contacting surfaces with new engine oil. - Apply new engine oil come bolt threads and seat surfaces when installing cylinder head, camshaft sprockets, crankshaft pulley and also camshaft brackets. - prior to disconnecting fuel hose, relax fuel pressure. Describe Powertrain Management; Fuel Delivery and Air Induction. - when removing the oil pans, oil pump assembly and timing chain from engine, very first remove the crankshaft position sensor (POS) indigenous the assembly. - Be cautious not to damages sensor edges. - do not spill engine coolant on drive belts.Removal 1. Drain engine oil. 2. Release fuel pressure. Describe Power-train Management; Fuel Delivery and also Air Induction. 3. Drainpipe coolant by removed cylinder block drainpipe plugs. 4. Remove ornament cover. 5. Remove air duct come intake manifold, collector, PCV hose, vacuum hoses, fuel hoses, wires, harness, connectors and so on. 6. Eliminate the following. Water hoses EVAP canister purge hose PCV hose PCV valve Water outletpic 37. Eliminate intake manifold upper and lower collectors loosening bolts and nuts in turning back order the tightening. Describe "Tightening Procedures", under Engine; Service and Repair.Pic 48. Remove RH and also LH ignition coils.Pic 59. Eliminate fuel tube assembly.Pic 610. Remove intake manifold loosening bolts and nuts in turning back order that tightening. Refer to "TIGHTENING PROCEDURES", under Engine; Service and also Repair.Pic 711. Remove RH and LH intake valve timing manage solenoid valves.Pic 812. Remove RH and also LH rocker covers native cylinder head. - loosen bolts in number order presented in the figure.13. Remove engine undercover.14. Remove front RH wheel and also engine next cover.15. Eliminate drive belts and idler wheel bracket.16. Remove power steering oil pump belt and also power steering oil pump assembly.Pic 917. Eliminate crankshaft place sensor (POS).Pic 1018. Collection No.1 piston at TDC on the compression hit by rotating crankshaft.Pic 11- examine that intake and also exhaust cam nose ~ above No.1 cylinder are set up as shown. If not, revolve the crankshaft one change (360 ) and also align together above.Pic 1219. Ease crankshaft wheel bolt. (At this time remove oil pan rear cover plate and collection a an ideal tool come ring equipment so that crankshaft can not rotate.) - Be cautious not to damage the signal plate teeth.Pic 1320. Eliminate crankshaft wheel with a an ideal puller.Pic 1421. Eliminate intake valve timing control valve covers. - ease bolts in reverse order displayed in the figure. - In the cover, the pillar is engaged with the facility hole of the entry camshaft sprocket. Eliminate it right out till the engagement comes off.22. Remove air conditioner compressor and bracket. Describe Heating and Air Conditioning; wait Conditioning.23. Eliminate front exhaust tube and also its support.24. Hang engine in ~ right and left next engine slingers through a an ideal hoist.25. Eliminate right side engine mounting, mounting bracket and also nuts.26. Remove facility member assembly.27. Remove upper and lower oil pans.Pic 1528. Eliminate water pump cover.Pic 1629. Remove front timing chain instance bolts. - loosen bolts in reverse order displayed in the figure.Pic 1730. Eliminate front time chain case. - carry out not scratch sealing surfaces.31. Remove timing chain tensioner cover native front time chain case.32. Eliminate front oil seal native front timing chain case.Pic 1833. Remove interior chain guide.34. Remove timing chain tensioner and slack side chain guide. Remove chain tensioner together follows:pic 19a. Pull bar down, and also release plunger stopper tab. - Plunger stopper tab can be propelled up to release (coaxial framework with lever). B. Insert stopper pin right into tensioner body hole to solve lever, and keep the tab released. - In figure, Allen wrench <2.5 mm (0.098 inch)> is supplied for stopper pin together an example.Pic 20c. Insert plunger right into tensioner human body by pressing slack guide. D. Keep slack overview pressed, and fix that by pushing stopper pen through bar hole and also body hole. E. Remove mounting bolts, and also remove chain tensioner.Pic 2135. Connect a an ideal stopper pin to RH and also LH camshaft chain tensioners. (For an additional timing chains)pic 2236. Eliminate intake and also exhaust camshaft sprocket bolts. - apply paint to timing chain and camshaft sprockets because that alignment throughout installation. - for sure the hexagonal section of the camshaft using a spanner to ease mounting bolts.37. Remove major and an additional timing chains through camshaft sprockets. - entry camshaft sprocket is two-for-one structure of major and secondary sprockets. - manage intake camshaft sprocket, taking care of the following.Pic 23CAUTION: prevent impact. Execute not disassemble (Never ease bolts A and also B).38. Eliminate chain tension guide and also crankshaft sprocket.Pic 2439. Remove rear timing chain instance as follows. A. Ease mounting bolts in turning back order shown in figure, and also remove them. B. Disconnect fluid gasket applied section using seal cutter (special service tool: KV10111100) or an identical tool. Then remove rear timing chain case.40. Eliminate RH and LH camshaft chain tensioners native cylinder head as follows. A. Eliminate No.1 camshaft brackets. B. Remove chain tensioners v stopper pen attached.Pic 25CAUTION: execute not eliminate plate metal cover the oil passage. After removing chain case, perform not apply any kind of load i beg your pardon affects flatness.Pic 2641. Use a coffee to eliminate all traces of fluid gasket from front time chain case.Pic 27- remove old liquid gasket from the bolt hole and thread.Pic 2842. Use a scraper to remove all traces of fluid gasket from water pump cover and also intake valve timing manage solenoid valve covers.Inspectionpic 29Check because that cracks and also excessive wear in ~ roller links. Replace chain if necessary.Installation 1. Download RH and LH camshaft chain tensioners come cylinder head together follows. A. Install chain tensioners through stopper pen attached and brand-new O-ring. B. Download No.1 camshaft brackets. 2. Apply liquid gasket to rear timing chain case. 3. Align behind timing chain case and water pump assembly with dowel pins (RH and LH) top top cylinder block. Then install it. - carry out not enable O-ring to drop.Pic 30a. Tighten mounting bolts in stimulate as displayed in the figure. - download two species of mounting bolts, introduce to the following instructions and also figure. Bolt length: 20 mm (0.79 inch) (1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 in the figure) 16 mm (0.63 inch) (other 보다 the above) Tightening torque: 12 - 13 Nm (1.2 - 1.4 kg-m, 9 - 10 ft. Lbs.) b. After every bolts are temporarily tightened, retighten castle to mentioned torque in order displayed in the figure. 4. Download chain tension guide. 5. Make sure that camshaft and crankshaft room at TDC place of No.1 cylinder.Pic 31- Make sure that knock pin hole, knock pin and crankshaft an essential are situated as displayed in the figure. - Camshaft knock pen hole (intake-side): in ~ cylinder head upper face side in each bank - Camshaft knock pen (exhaust-side): at cylinder head upper confront side in each bank - Crankshaft key: at cylinder head next of RH financial institution CAUTION: hole on tiny diameter side must be provided for intake knock pin. Execute not misidentify (Ignore large diameter side).Pic 326. Install crankshaft sprocket. - download it, with equivalent mark to timing chain facing front the engine.Pic 337. Install second timing chain and also camshaft sprocket. CAUTION: equivalent marks between timing chain and sprockets on slide easily. Check all corresponding mark positions repeatedly throughout the surroundings process. - push sleeve of an additional chain tensioner, and keep that pressed v stopper pin. A. Align corresponding marks on second timing chain (gold link) v the persons on intake and also exhaust sprockets (stamped). Then install them. - equivalent marks of entry sprocket are on back side of secondary sprocket.Pic 34- There are two varieties of matching marks, round and oval types. They have to be supplied for RH/LH financial institutions respectively. RH bank: usage round type. LH bank: use oval type. B. Align knock pin and also pin hole on camshaft v groove and knock pin on sprocket. Then install them. - On entry side, align pin hole on little diameter side of camshaft front finish with knock pen on ago side of camshaft sprocket. Climate install them. - on exhaust side, align knock pin on camshaft front finish with pin groove on camshaft sprocket. Then install them. - Mounting bolts for camshaft sprockets need to be tightened in action 7. Tightening lock by hand is enough to protect against dislocation of punch pins.Pic 35- It might be daunting to visually check the dislocation of adjustment marks during and also after installation. To make the corresponding easier, make a mating mark on the sprocket teeth in development using paint.Pic 368. Install secondary timing chain and sprocket to the various other bank. Install primary timing chain in ~ the exact same time. - installation of the second timing chain follows the procedure described in action 6. - Install major timing chain so the mating note (punched) on camshaft sprocket is aligned v that (yellow link) ~ above the time chain, and also mating note (notched) on crankshaft sprocket is aligned v that on the time chain, respectively. - when it is an overwhelming to align mating marks the the main timing chain v each sprocket, gradually turn the camshaft hexagonal section using a spanner so it is aligned v the mating mark. - throughout alignment, be mindful to protect against dislocation of adjustment marks ~ above the second timing chain.Pic 379. After confirming the adjustment marks are aligned, tighten the camshaft sprocket mounting bolts. - certain the camshaft hexagonal portion using a spanner come tighten mounting bolts.Pic 3810. Pull the end the stopper pen from the secondary timing chain tensioner.Pic 3911. Install inner chain guide.12. Download slack guide.Pic 40- Take treatment not come overtighten mounting bolts for slack guide. That is regular for a void to exist under bolt seats once mounting bolts space tightened to stated torque.Pic 4113. Download chain tensioner for slack guide. - as soon as installing chain tensioner, press in sleeve and also keep the pressed through stopper pin. - eliminate dirt and foreign materials completely from ago and mounting surfaces of chain tensioner. - ~ installing, pull the end stopper pin by pushing slack guide.14. Confirm again that equivalent marks ~ above sprockets and also timing chain have not slipped.Pic 4215. Download front oil seal to front time chain case.Pic 4316. Use liquid gasket come water pump cover and also chain tensioner cover. Before installation, wipe off the protruding sealant.17. Install water pump cover and chain tensioner cover.Pic 4418. Download O-rings on rear timing chain case.19. Use liquid gasket come front timing chain case. - before installation, wipe off the protruding sealant.20. Install front time chain case. - Align dowel pen on behind timing chain case with hole on front time chain case.Pic 4521. Tighten bolts to the stated torque in order shown in the figure.Pic 4622. After installing front timing chain case, examine surface elevation difference between following components on oil pan mounting surface. Typical Front time chain instance to behind timing chain case: -0.14 come 0.14 mm (-0.0055 come 0.0055 inch) Oil pump come cylinder block: -0.36 come -0.10 mm (-0.0142 come -0.0039 inch) behind timing chain situation to cylinder block: -0.24 come 0.14 mm (-0.0094 to 0.0055 inch) - If no within standard, repeat above installation procedure.23. Install intake valve timing manage valve cover. A. Install brand-new O-rings at front timing chain case. B. Install brand-new seal ring in ~ intake valve timing manage valve covering with new engine oil used on it.Pic 47c. Apply liquid gasket to intake valve timing control valve covers. Use real RTV silicone sealant or equivalent. - Being careful not to relocate the seal ring native the surroundings groove, align the dowel pins top top the chain case with the holes to download the entry valve timing control valve cover.Pic 48- Tighten in numerical order as shown in the figure.24. Download RH and LH rocker covers. Rocker sheathe tightening procedure:pic 49RH rocker coverpic 50LH rocker covering - Tighten in numerical order as shown in the figure. A. Tighten bolts 1 to 10 in that order come 0.96 come 2.96 Nm (0.10 to 0.30 kg-m, 9 come 26 customs lbs.). B. Then tighten bolts 1 come 10 as indicated in figure to 7.33 to 9.33 Nm (0.75 come 0.95 kg-m, 65 come 82 customs lbs.).25. Download intake manifold. Tighten intake manifold nuts and also bolts.26. Install fuel tube assembly.27. Download intake manifold collector gasket.28. Install intake manifold upper and lower collectors.29. Download RH and LH ignition coils.30. Install crankshaft sheave to crankshaft.Pic 51a. Tighten come 39 come 49 Nm (4.0 come 5.0 kg-m, 29 come 36 ft. Lbs.). B. Put a paint mark on the crankshaft pulley.Pic 52c. Again tighten by transforming 60 come 66 , about the angle from one hexagon bolt head edge to another.31. Reinstall removed components in reverse order the removal.Pic 53- Make certain that crankshaft place sensor (POS) and heated oxygen sensor 1 (front) (bank 2) exploit clamp are mounted correctly as presented in figure. - when installing fuel tube assembly. - After starting engine, save idling for 3 minutes. Then rev engine as much as 3,000 rpm under no load to purge wait from the high-pressure room of the chain tensioners. The engine may produce a rattling noise.

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This shows that air still continues to be in the chamber and is no a matter of concern.__________________________________I hope this helps. Permit me understand if you have questions.Take care, Joe