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Has everyone else had this problem. Mam was out running errands put the PF in park and also could not get it the end without wiggling the shifter reasonably hard to disengage the shifter. Happened a couple of times in a heat today. What could feasible problems be? Relay, solenoid, fuse??? What have to I look in ~ first?


I had actually this trouble on my 08. I had actually thought it to be a bad shift lock actuator, so ns purchased one. You have to pull the facility console out to replace it and it"s still a bit of a pain. Once I walk to replace it, it didn"t fix the problem. Ns looked into it a small further and found there is a three-wire, micro switch v a lever on it situated behind the shift lock actuator. As soon as the transition lever is put into the park position, it depresses the bar on the micro switch and, IIRC, it applies power come the ground next of the shift lock actuator to disable it until the brake pedal is depressed. The lever had actually bent slightly gradually on the micro switch and also was no much longer working. I eliminated the micro switch and carefully re-bent the lever and put it earlier together and the shifter operated properly. It"s been about 5 months now without a problem. The micro switch is just sold as component of the shifter assembly. Ns tried to locate the switch independently online, however had no luck. Top top the switch to be stamped,"AV39237 0.1A 250V~AC 61216D." While ns can"t say this is her problem, it is what I uncovered wrong with mine. FYI, if you require to gain it the end of park in an emergency, there should be a plastic cap on the shifter the you have the right to pop out and get access to the transition lock over-ride button.

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smj999smj wrote:... There must be a plastic cap on the shifter the you have the right to pop out and also get access to the transition lock over-ride button.

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Mine A/T shifter has actually this knob also, but it does no pop-out, but rather requirements to it is in depressed rather deeply (too deep for my fingers, should use a pencil or miscellaneous like) to be able to override transition lock indigenous parking place manually.Regarding hard-to-disengage native parking position...I don"t understand if your difficulty is related, yet I know quite some owners with A/T infection which don"t ever before use hand brake. They usage PARK position instead, which is very wrong! Parking place does undoubtedly brake vehicle, yet it is no in any way meant to serve as BRAKE mechanism instead of handbrake.The ideal usage when automobile is under up or down incline:- prevent the vehicle, probably holding foot brake- engage hand brake- release foot brake come let the vehicle move couple of inches until hand brake holds- just then move shifter to PARK positionDoing so you will not stress and anxiety transmission components and also shifter will move from parking position with ease. Disregarding this procedure, you will certainly have difficulties moving shifter indigenous parking position, because parking stress belt is under stress and anxiety when car weight is stressing it, so it"s organic for shifter to disengage indigenous park an extremely hardly (...and no healthy).
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