Helium has actually two electrons in full, and also according to the aufbau principle, it adopts the digital configuration $mathrm1s^2$. This means it has actually two electrons in s orbitals via a major quantum number of 1.

The last (and also only) level of helium"s digital configuration is $mathrm1s^2$, and therefore $ceHe$ has actually 2 valence electrons.

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Valence electrons

Valence electrons are electrons in the outermost shell of an atom


Valency is the number of electrons involved in the formation of a chemical bond

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The variety of valence electrons of helium is 2 bereason of its configuration which is $1s^2$

Hovewer, the valency is 0 because it is already secure and namong the outermost electrons are connected in the formation of chemical bonds.


The outermany shell of an atom deserve to accomodate a max of 8 electrons. It was observed that the atoms of elements,having actually a completely filled outera lot of shell show bit chemical activity. In various other words their combining capacity is 0. Of these inert elements, the helium atom has actually 2 electrons in its outera lot of shell and also all other aspects have atoms with 8 electrons in the outermost shell. Their combining capacity of the atoms of other aspects,that is their tendency to react & create molecules via very same or various aspects,was therefore explained as an effort to obtain a fully-filled outerthe majority of shell.

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