In 2004, the crucial version that’ “We like to Party”, written and produced by Danski & Delmundo, was chosen as the official Six Flags song. 6 Flags Entertainment copy, group is the world’s most well known theme park company. A complete of three 6 Flags ads through the to dance old guy were produced. In the united States, the advertisement campaign ran from 2004 to 2005.

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The “It’s Playtime!” Campaign

Six Flags Entertainment coporation, group is the world’s largest local theme park agency with $1.5 exchange rate in revenue in 2019 and also 27 parks throughout the unified States, Canada and Mexico. Because that the ad campaign, developed by American advertising company Doner Advertising, the design template park firm teamed up through “Mr. Six,” an old man in a tux attract thick-framed glasses who dances prefer a boss to “We prefer to Party!”.

The very first Ad

In the first “It’s Playtime!” 6 Flags commercial, Mr. Six acts together a bus driver and also shows increase in a liven residential area steering his vintage party bus. Mr. Six gets out and shows his dancing skills on the sidewalk when the instrumental version of “We choose to Party” is blasting the end of the speakers. Grumpy, overworked local occupants happily hop on board and also head because that the theme park to have actually a great time.

The second Ad

In the second “It’s Playtime!” ad, a father and daughter meet exterior on the front porch to compare upcoming events in your calendar. As they space trying to schedule some fun time together, the six Flags schoolbus pulls up, Mr. Six jumps out and also starts dancing prefer there’s no tomorrow. The father and daughter hop ~ above the bus and head to the template park instantly.

The third Ad

In the 3rd Six Flags commercial, shown at the beginning of the 2005 layout park season, Mr. Six comes out of his retirement home for much more fun at six Flags.

Mr. Six Hits it Big

As soon as the first ad began hitting the airwaves, the dancing old bald guy quickly became a media phenomenon. Goods with photos of the 6 Flags mascot started selling like hot cakes. Look-alike contests attracted crowds, the made live appearances in several theme parks and appeared on an excellent Morning America. He even got his own roller coaster, Mr. Six’s “Pandemonium.”

The “ambassador of fun” also became a continuous guest top top American news and talk shows and had his very own blog.

In 2005, not authorised Mr. 6 impersonators started appearing around the unified States, with one male carrying a boombox loaded v “We like to Party” getting here in the lobby that the Washington Post.

The advertisement campaign special Mr. Six dancing to “We like to Party!” conveniently ranked among the height 10 most recalled ads by Intermedia advertising Group. The project was named “most likable ads” by declaring Age and also “most memorable” through USA this particular day tracking.

Who was Mr. Six?

The true identity of Mr. Six stayed an industry an enig for virtually a decade and a matter for feverish speculation among online fans. Countless fans were persuaded it was Jaleel White, the male who play Urkel in “Family Matters.”

On the web, people speculated Mr. Six was performed by a mrs who had ballet training.

Some even thought it to be deejay Paris Hilton.

Will The actual Mr. 6 Please was standing Up?

Many years later, according to virtual American women’s magazine, the true identity of Mr. Six was revealed ~ above a blog run by actor and director Paul Davidson native The Orchard, an American music and entertainment company: Mr. 6 was played by Danny Teeson, an actor who showed up on Queer Eye because that the right Girl.

Teeson, a native of England, to be the choreographer for Grammy Award-winning artist such together Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Paula Abdul, Kylie Minogue, Geri Halliwell, Diana Ross, Gloria Estefan, Usher, Mya, and also Tom Jones.

Danny is additionally known for his job-related on movies such as This Is 40 (2012), gain Him to the Greek (2010) and also The three Stooges (2012).

Mister Teeson recently operated as a director and also choreographer for the Disney Channel. In 2014, he directed and also choreographed his first musical, referred to as FIERA!, that played in the Regal Princess theater aboard the multiple sclerosis Regal Princess, a Royal-class cruise ship operated by Princess Cruises.

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Even to this day, six Flags America proceeds to deny the true identification of Mr. Six….