Eliminated Friends: The final Day of the Straw hat Crew

Kesareta Nakama-tachi: Mugiwara Ichimi Saigo no Hi

消された仲間たち 麦わら一味最後の日

Des compagnons qui ont disparu. Le jour où l’équipage au chapeau de paille s’est éteint

One through one, the mighty paw-print that Bartholomew Kuma provides the Straw Hats disappear until only Luffy remains. To where did his mates vanish? and will he ever before see them again? Episode uncovered on:

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One piece / Ep. 405 : got rid of Friends: The last Day of the Straw cap Crew episode 405 | Aired top top June 13, 2009 | TV-Y7 | 25 min. | Fuji TV

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