TAMPA — practically 1.2 million website traffic crashes occur each year on wet pavement with more than a half million injuries and 5,700 deaths, follow to data indigenous the national Highway Traffic safety Administration.

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“It’s important that vehicle drivers heed main warnings and avoid driving on wet and also flooded roads if possible,” claimed AAA spokeswoman Montrae Waiters. “Driving with standing water is specifically dangerous, due to the fact that you never know just exactly how deep the water is or what you are driving over.”

If your vehicle shuts under while in was standing water, do not try to restart it. Restarting a vehicle in stand water permits water to enter the engine, which could price thousands the dollars come repair.

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Avoid stand water and also flooded roads at all times: There is no way to tell exactly how deep standing water is ~ above a flooded road and also driving with it can reason a vehicle to stall and an outcome in severe damage to the auto from flooding the engine, warping brake rotors, lose of strength steering, short in electric componentsIf your car stalls in a flooded area: DO NOT remain in the car. Abandon it as quickly as feasible and seek higher ground. Overwhelming waters can elevate quickly, sweeping away the vehicle and its occupants.