How much do girlfriend love to watch Animated videos i m sorry are adjusted from the novel? i beg your pardon anime friend love the most according come you, if you space a lover of anime series then friend have already heard around Kiss in the Dark anime i m sorry is taken indigenous the novel which is composed of 4 four-volume of Japanese novels.

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Several dramas based upon this irradiate novel have actually been released and also this Kiss in the Dark anime collection was written by Yumi Kageyama.

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Papa to Kiss in the Dark or Kiss in the Dark is a 2005 anime i m sorry is adjusted from the novel Kiss in the Dark.

Asumi Matsumura and Tomoko Ohno directed and produced this anime OVA series respectively and also this anime series got patent for relax in English in June, 2008 through Media Blasters.

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Release Date


This anime collection was released on November 23, 2005 which runs for 26 minutes and has 2 illustration in this original animation video.

Who space the personalities in Kiss in the Dark?


Kyōsuke Munakata, father of Mira and also had a secret relation v his son.Kazuki Hino, Mira’s childhood friendMitsuki Utsunomiya, plays guitarTakayuki UtsunomiyaShun Sakurai

What is In the Anime?

Mira is a an initial year high school boy who had a mystery relationship v his father and also he loves that a lot. He also hangs out with his friends, classmates and loved by everyone whether that is his childhood girlfriend or his an elderly classmates, as result of love and affection by every one of one he has actually a wide choice from all however he just loves his father Kyosuke, the most.

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But once he concerns know the Kyosuke is no his actual father and about the rumour the his father is going to marry his co-worker so he has actually no option rather 보다 cry?

Plot that Kiss in the Dark Anime


The anime is around a high school an initial year boy and his father,Kyosuke Munakata that both are affiliated in a secret relationship through one another and his father Kyosuke is a well known actor. Mira is love by everyone yet Mira loves his dad the most.

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Mira doubts his father that he was cheating top top him when Kyosuke starts come act differently. After that he involved know that Kyosuke is not his actual father as soon as he finds his adoption paper and feels sad.

He also believes that sooner or later his father leaves him for Mitsuki who is an actress together rumours around them room heard in a relationship.

So the decides to attend to his two friends, one his childhood friend and also other his third year high college friend that both room in love v Mira.

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Where to watch Kiss in the Dark

Now you desire to know where to watch this animation, comedy and also romance series-

You have the right to watch on the given attach below.

Watch Papa come Kiss in the Dark illustration 1 English dub

IMDb Rating of Kiss in the Dark Anime

Out of 10, 6.2 rating is given to this anime Kiss in the dark ~ above IMDb and this is median ratings to this anime on IMDb.

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Papa come kiss in the dark is a great novel and also animated collection whose episode 1 is given over in English dub in i beg your pardon a boy loves his father the most and also when he pertains to know the he is cheating on him by make a relation v a co-worker he becomes sad.

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You can also watch an ext related anime series side through side, if you are a good reader and read anime most of the time.