Thomas Gray, an English poet, created the Elegy composed in a nation Churchyard, a poem of serious reflection, a lament for the dead ( the connect of the poem ).

रोटी, कपडा मकान

Before gift social, the man was just an animal. The principle of culture led him to the find of food, cloth and also shelter ( the renowned रोटी, कपडा मकान). But as the man was able come fulfil his simple needs, the need took the form of greed. V time together the civilisations come up, competitiveness increased. The male soon to be allured towards materialism and also power. The man began to walk on a path of glory.

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A wise human may become honoured by plugging in patience, tough work and also ambition. Not to forget, that to walk the pathto glory there requirements to be,a balanceof the needs and also sustenance. But one must not it is in brushed turn off the reality that a brute always resides within every being. This brute once drunk with power and also pride has tendency to shed the balanceof conscience.

And no issue the lot of pain we endure to collect all the luxuries and also possessions, the fatality bed shall neither excuse united state nor negotiate.

A the majority of other graveyard poets choose John Keats, Robert Blair, et cetera have additionally used your pen to bring out this topic before our eyes and assist us realise the dinkum oil.

I recall a poem ‘A Photograph’, from mine schoolbook, by Shirley Toulson. Reading this city was the an initial time ns realised the bitterness truth. Ns still have the quatrain running in mine mind,

Now she’s been dead nearly as numerous yearsAs the girl lived. And also of this circumstanceThere is nothing come say at all.Its quiet silences.

Shirley Toulson

fatality is without doubt a thing about which nothing can be said. It’s silence silences.

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Wolfgang Borchert, whose work-related was influenced by the setting of second World War, write in his play ‘The Outsider’:

“A guy dies. Only a couple of circles in the water prove the he was ever before there. And even they quickly disappear. And also when they’re gone, he’s forgotten, there is no a trace, as if he’d never even existed. And also that’s all.”

German author and playwright – Wolfgang Borchert

In negative health, Steve Jobs, having known of his march being closer to death, do the efforts to explain honestly his feeling of death as:“No one desires to die. Even people who desire to walk to sky don’t want to dice to get there. And also yet death is the destination we every share. Nobody has ever escaped it. And also that is together it shouldbe,because fatality is an extremely likely the solitary best development of Life. That is Life’s adjust agent. It gets rid of out the old to make means for the new.”Dying is a continuous process i beg your pardon starts as soon as one is born. In softertermswe contact itageing. Fatality is the ultimate an outcome of this continuous process. In fact, the vanity that life is in death. Health and wellness remains prized possession because of the cruelty the sickness and also life remains so due to the fact that of unwarranted death.

A believed that renders life full of life is the id of‘memento mori’which means‘Remember that you must die.’

Amemento mori(latin) is an imaginative or symbolic reminder the the inevitability that death