When ns was young, my father functioned for the government, and also we moved due to the fact that of his posting.

Then I relocated to a various city for this reason I might get cheap education. Later, I relocated to yet one more city to acquire a job. I have lived outside my home state much more than inside, which makes me wonder if ns can call it my "home state" at all.

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Is over there a (single) indigenous for world like me who move trying to find opportunities?

I discovered in Macmillan the expression "bird of passage" which is a hypernym, yet not precise match:

bird that passage

someone who keeps moving from one location to another

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You might take into consideration itinerant:

working in one place for a comparatively quick time and then relocating on to occupational in an additional place

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Here"s what you could be looking for,




: a human who is remaining or working in a location for a quick time only.

Some instance sentences -

Thanks to their dazzling diversity that color, furtive nature, andtransient presence, warblers, and also their other neotropical migrantsmonopolize spring birding.

Since 1999, the territorial federal government has to be coping v hundredsof employee vacancies and a very transient labor force - and also fewemployees who want to continue to be in their jobs for long.

While the furthest camping section is the refuge that transientworkers searching for an affordable location to stay, tourists space mostlikely to exploit the cabins and dorms.

Among other consequences, this has actually meant that the tourism industryhas no been able come adequately access transient workers since thereis i do not have anything for them come stay.

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It is thought that permitting international expatriates to own their ownproperties encourages increased longevity of stay and also contributes come amore much less transient economic environment.