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The Outsidersby S.E. Hinton is a story with numerous unforgettable characters. The story is around two rival gangs called the Greasers and the Socs. The Outsiders is told indigenous the suggest of see of Ponyboy Curtis, a member that the Greasers.

Ponyboy Curtis has two brothers that are...

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The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton is a story with plenty of unforgettable characters. The story is about two competitor gangs called the Greasers and also the Socs. The Outsiders is told from the point of view of Ponyboy Curtis, a member that the Greasers.

Ponyboy Curtis has actually two brothers who are additionally members of the Greasers, Sodapop "Soda" Curtis and Darryl "Darry" Curtis. Ponyboy is the youngest the the Curtis brothers in ~ 14 years old and additionally gets good grades and is athletic. Soda is uneven his younger brothers in the he is a high institution dropout that works at a gas station. The is 16 years old. Darry Curtis is the oldest of the Curtis brothers at 20. Darry is considered the "leader" of the Greasers and also has been taking treatment of his brothers due to the fact that their parents passed away in a automobile accident.

Darry has many character traits. That is masculine, hard-working, caring, and also angry.

Throughout the novel, Ponyboy talks around Darry"s masculinity. He calls him "movie-star gorgeous" and comments top top his muscle frequently. His nickname is also "Superman" i m sorry signals how impressed the other members of the gang space by him. In high school, Darry was really popular and athletic, something the Ponyboy admires. Darry"s masculinity is characterized by Ponyboy"s thoughts and also comments and are mostly about his looks and also his strength.

Darry is additionally hard-working. He is considered the parent of his younger brothers and also other members that the gang. Fairly than going to college, Darry stays at residence so that he can care for his siblings. That works 2 jobs and sacrifices typically so the his brothers have the right to have the life he had actually to provide up.

Although at times, Ponyboy disagrees, Darry is also very caring and considerate. Once Ponyboy considers dropping the end of school, Darry speak him that this is unacceptable. He tells Ponyboy that going to university is his only method out of your town and also to find other opportunities. Darry must treatment for his brothers and other members the the Greasers while keeping his 2 jobs and also many other responsibilities that come along with running a household.

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Because of all of these responsibilities, Darry is sometimes angry. That feels push all about him and also is really just a son himself. At only 20, he is in fee of two teen boys, has two jobs, and must control everything that parents normally manage. Darry is a stressed out time bomb waiting to explode. His fury is expressed once he yells at Ponyboy, slaps him, and knocks him into a wall. Darry feels really guilty around this incident since he walk love his brother and also is merely frustrated and weighed down through the tension of adulthood.