Canine Vagina Monologue (What It has to Say may Surprise You)

“Doctor, yes sir something weird sticking the end of my dog, you know…down there!”

With the exemption of anal bag (“I swear my dog does not execute that”), no anatomical an ar is together awkward for pet owner to comment on with their vets. For part reason, human being have an problem with saying the word ‘vagina’ while keeping eye contact. Instead, veterinarians know what clients median when castle euphemistically refer to ‘lady parts’ or ‘downtown’ or ‘ninky-nonk.’ Well, we are all adults right here (sorta) therefore let us collection aside ours embarrassment and provide a quick discussion of abnormal points that can arise from your dog’s vagina.

Vaginal and vulvar tumors room the 2nd most typical tumor of the canine reproductive tract. Castle occur specifically in (ready?) woman dogs! Fortunately, the huge majorities room benign, however rare cancers do occur. The most common tumors arise from smooth muscle or collagen-producing cells, and also go by the multisyllabic names of leiomyoma, fibroma, or fibroleiomyoma. In some instances your dog may display symptoms such as challenge urinating, quality discharge, licking at she vulva, or trouble birthing or copulating. In other cases, you might be completely unaware the a cultivation tumor until it mister out someday with a “Howdy Ho!”

When you carry your dog come the vet, most likely with a mild degree of panic, the visibility of this pink, fleshy mass hanging out of the vulva will be quite obvious. Nevertheless, mean your vet to recommend a couple of additional tests: blood and also urine test to examine your pet’s in its entirety health, and biopsies to check the form of mass. There are a couple of other fleshy, non-tumor points that deserve to protrude native the vagina, and specific diagnosis is imperative. Vaginal hyperplasia is one estrogen-dependent, exaggerated swelling of the lining of the vagina. These generally occur once a bitch is in heat and also resolve spontaneously during diestrus. They show up as a tongue-like projection from the floor that the vagina. One more possibility is a vaginal prolapse where the whole vagina transforms inside out and appears together a red, donut-shaped mass hanging that the vulva. Finally, a uterine prolapse occurs as soon as a part of the uterus drops through the cervix, commonly during or quickly after delivery of pups. These would require different therapies. If over there is any type of question, her vet might recommend extr imaging such together X-rays, ultrasonography, vaginoscopy, MRI, or CT scan.

The initial treatment is designed to defend the mass from bleeding, drying, or self-mutilation. Lubricants room applied, and also your dog will be instructed come wear one Elizabethan collar to stop her native licking. Tucking the mass back inside may seem logical, yet without more treatment, it will certainly pop the end again (can you say, “Whackamole?”) Ultimately, surgical removal of these tumors is warranted, normally necessitating one episiotomy. Because many of this tumors space hormone-dependent, the remove of her dog’s ovaries and also uterus will certainly be recommended together well.

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Don’t fret, however. Together shocking as their appearance have the right to be, canine quality tumors normally lend themselves really well come ‘downtown’ beautification!