Trying to decide between points or an digital ignition? Let’s go look in ~ both. I will begin by saying I prefer the electronic, yet let’s look in ~ points first. Points space basic, and that naturally is your advantage. No ohm tester needed, simply put castle in and also they work. How do you set points? i’m sure many of you analysis this already know, yet let’s go with it anyway. It’s really handy if you have a distributor driver (a driver that will hold a small screw top top the finish of it). Install her points making certain the basic plate is sitting under flat. Most points have actually a small divet that sticks down past the base plate that requirements to walk in a hole in the distributor or the points will certainly be off- no good. As soon as the screw is started simply barely snug it. Make certain the rub block is emotional or is close to the lobes the the distributor shaft. Now turn the engine end by hand until the rub block is top top the highest component of one of the lobes. That doesn’t issue which one. Through your driver you will check out a notch in the base plate that the points and area the the distributor that has actually a tit difficult up. Take your screwdriver and also put that in in between that. By rotating her screw driver you deserve to open or close the points. If that doesn"t open up or close basic then loosen the screw a tad. V your .016 feeler gauge open up the points therefore you have the right to just on slide the gauge through without lifting the rubbing block off the lobe. As soon as you have actually it set, tighten the screw and recheck. Execute not crank down on the screw, snug is fine. Currently hook the wire as much as the condenser and you"re good to go. If your replacing the condensers, make sure you hook it approximately the an unfavorable side that the coil. If girlfriend hook it come the confident side girlfriend will have a suggest melt under the minute you hit the key.


The downside of points? lock wear out. Ns remember once points would certainly last a year or more, yet that’s no the case anymore. Not even the Bosch ones critical that long it seems. It’s a damn good idea to bring a spare set with you.

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currently let’s look at electronic. Over there are tons of various brands and set ups. Ns am going to cover the basic one that fits the stock style distributors.

Bang for the buck, digital is a great way to go. A big advantage right here is that they normally last a really long time. Ns have had mine in my auto for 13+ years. The time never alters due to points closeup of the door up. Simply install and for most part you’re done. If you follow the instructions on exactly how to put them in it’s really easy. One difficulty I see right here is paying fist to just how the wires come out of the distributor. Make certain no internal parts that spin in the distributor space going to obstacle a feet in the wires. Ok currently the biggy, make certain you read what cable goes where on the coil. Most of the moment the red goes come the positive and also the black color to the negative. Make certain the black wire comes from her car’s ignition switch is ~ above the positive side. If you hook this up wrong in any way there is a really great chance you’ll fried food it the minute your revolve the vital on. Therein lies one of the disadvantages. I would tell you to lug a spare, yet damn one $80 spare? Just lug a collection of points and condenser in your gloves box together a spare. The 2nd disadvantage to digital ignition is if you leaving the vital on for any type of reason without starting the automobile you can cook it. Example: ns was check my revolve signal lights and also now my automobile wont start. Yeah, friend cooked the buddy. If you"re going to be checking anything electric with the key on do damn sure you disconnect the black color wire that originates from the ignition move to the confident side the the coil. Make certain it won"t touch metal and then you have the right to turn the vital on and also do what friend want.



because that some fast testing, this trick functions on both points and electronic. Grab a test light. If friend don’t have one acquire one and also keep that in her car. Hook the clip to a ground and also put the probe come the hopeful side the the coil. Have actually Larry rotate the key on. Does the test light irradiate up? If not, your problem is getting power come the coil and more then likely your distributor components are fine. If yes, move to the following step. Ar the probe on the negative side that the coil. Have actually Larry try and start the engine. Go the light come on and also stay on? If it does, the points can not opening and also a reset or brand-new points are in order. If girlfriend have digital then it’s cooked. Does the light no come on? This might be coil, or the point out are broken off or for some weird reason they opened up. If you electronic then again, the cooked. If the irradiate flashes together the motor is transforming over then whatever is functioning fine and also you need to be looking for problems elsewhere.

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So there you have actually it. I prefer electronic to points as they tend to be much less maintenance. With that said, I will certainly still save a set of points and condenser with me, just in situation I am out on the road and have a difficulty I don’t have actually to speak to a tow truck.