OK, ns gonna restart, but i wanna understand what the best starters would be?i go it as totodile v a charmander before.

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Riolu is the finest hero pokemon. It have the right to own Dialga and also Darkrai in 3 hits. And also if you obtain TMDig, you deserve to teach that a very versatile move. I decided Riolu(Oglop8) because that my hero, and Treecko(LOLtree) because that my partner(which I completely regret).

I to be a Meowth with a Chikorita as my partner, and we are pretty awesome for this reason you need to do that. Hannah :3
Riolu and squirtle... Teach Squirtle Protect and also riolu earthquake and it deserve to own mosterhouses. Must work v multiple boss pokemon.i likewise think endure"s or (if possible) safeguard for riolu too... That method you can be safe.If you gain to the end and deciede come evolve starter and also partner, Lucario can learn Aurasphere for some line of sight damage. And also Blastoise can additionally learn planet quake because that duel earth quake damage. (Remember to protect/endure 1st)
I Suggest, that if you desire to do water crossing select a water–type hero and Eevee as partner. Eevee deserve to evolve right into Flareon/Vaperon, respectively. Oh, and also fire–type for lava
I tried being a Shinx and my partner was a Skitty. I had actually no problem in the video game at all. Skitty had Normalize, for this reason every move gained SameTypeAttackBonus, and also I gained discharge to death everything.
I would execute Skitty and also Shinx/vulpix.skitty has actually Normalize, which can make abilities choose lightning escape or levatate null and also void. Teach it sing, dream eater, blizzard, and also any other move of your an option and its a beast. But it can"t fight Ghost species so vulpix and/or shinx deserve to be there through their dark form moves.

Piplup and Munchlax Piplup:Water Pulse: deserve to confuse enemies cxBubbleBeamAerial Ace/Peck/Drill Peck:To to win grass varieties
Blizzard: for monster houses :3Munchlax:Body Slam: To paralyze foes
Metronome: get a possibility to use any type of move XDPhychic: for this reason he have the right to defeat his weak of fighting ^.^Thunder Bolt: Hit any close enemies (^.^)/These 2 sound like a fun pair up
I likewise tried this:Totodile:CrunchSuper Power(Mabye change this one)Water PulseBlizzard Chikorita:Body SlamMagical LeafSynthesis/Razor LeafAromatherapyI had no troubles in the video game with this two. Chikorita is prefer the medic through Aromatherapy she heals any of her teammates condition problems and you probably won"t need oran berries because that her because she has her I.Q. Ability Wise Healer+Synthesis and also her Deep Breather. She regains 1 PP to any move that has actually been used ever time you reach a new floor.Now for Totodile that is such a gibberish he deserve to learn Dark/Fighting/Ice/Water moves. Through Blizzard he deserve to take out monster houses and also will have a opportunity to freeze foes. Superpower so he can pwn Dialga and Darkrai. Water Pulse for this reason he deserve to take the end foes in ~ a distance and also have a possibility to confuse them. And Crunch just because •.• hope this aided ☆*:.。. O(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

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I to be a Meowth through a Chikorita as my partner, and also we are pretty awesome so you need to do that. Hannah :3