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Hi peopleThis is a fast list of where all the legends are and any other conditions theirrecruitment requires. Keep in mind that for many of the an enig Part / secret Slab legendaries and legendaries in the last Maze, you have to unlock the naval Resort. Part legendaries can only it is in recruited the 2nd time onwards friend seethem, too. For this reason its her luck.......... KEY:MP/SS - an enig Part / secret SlabAC - Aegis CaveDC - Dark CraterDAC - Deep Aegis Cave(D)SR - (Deep) Spacial RiftHO - Happy OutlookMF - Midnight Forest#144 ARTICUNO - Mt. Avalanche optimal - Wonder mail Required.#145 ZAPDOS - Amp plains 7F - mystery Part / secret Slab required.#146 MOLTRES - final Maze B40F - N/A#150 MEWTWO - DC B6F / DAC B5F - MP/SS required. Darkness variation Only.#151 MEW - Deep mystery Jungle - Wonder letter required.#243 RAIKOU - hidden Ruins B20F - secret Part / mystery Slab required.#244 ENTEI - Deep Dark Crater B10F- mystery Part / an enig Slab required.#245 SUICUNE - last Maze B29F - N/A#249 LUGIA - surrounded Sea B18F - secret Part / secret Slab required.#250 HO-OH - Mt. Mistral 19F - an enig Part / mystery Slab required.#251 CELEBI - Mystifying woodland 10F- MP/SS required. Time variation Only.#377 REGIROCK - AC, Regirock"s Room - second time onwards only. #378 REGICE - AC, Regice"s Room - second time onwards only.#379 REGISTEEL - AC, Registeel"s Room - second time onwards only.#380 LATIAS - SR 10F, HO B19F - mystery Part / secret Slab required.#381 LATIOS - DSR B5F, MF B24F - an enig Part / mystery Slab required.#382 KYOGRE - Bottomless Sea Depths- Wonder mail Required.#383 GROUDON - Shimmering Desert Int- Wonder mail Required.#384 RAYQUAZA - sky Stairs Apex - Wonder mail Required.#385 JIRACHI - last Maze B23F - N/A#386 DEOXYS - Shimmer Hill 17F - secret Part / an enig Slab required.#480 UXIE - vapor Cave Summit - After seeing the credits.#481 MESPRIT - Quicksand cave Lake - After see the credits.#482 AZELF - decision Crossing Lake- After seeing the credits.#483 DIALGA - Temporal Tower Summit- After see the credits.#484 PALKIA - Spacial Rift Bottom - 2nd time onwards only.#485 HEATRAN - large Volcano Summit - Wonder mail Required.#486 REGIGIGAS - AC, Regigigas" Room - 2nd time onwards only.#487 GIRATINA - world Abyss Pit - Wonder letter Required.#488 CRESSELIA - Sharpedo Bluff - After beating Darkrai.#489 PHIONE - wonder Sea Bottom - second visit, recruits automatically.#490 MANAPHY - Sharpedo Bluff - 3 or 4 work after you defeat Darkrai.#491 DARKRAI - miracle Sea B3F - an enig Part / an enig Slab required. - Crevice cave Deep B2F - Mt. Travail 17F - Spacial Rift B14F - Mystifying woodland 13F *Ive worked really hard to make this FAQ so please DONT copy or take any component of information offered above.*Credits: 1. My DS for allowing to recruit this legendaries. 2. Special many thanks to .

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They helped me a lot.*If you desire to take it any part of mine FAQ then email me to *Thanks for analysis my 1st FAQ. I hope u enjoyed and also it aided u.