The appropriate rear passenger door glass top top a 1997 Pontiac grand Am was shattered with a beer deserve to by a vandal late one current night. Ns repaired it through glass from an auto scrap garden for $25.Disassembly1) eliminate two Philips screws in the door pull.

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Removing the two door pull screws
2) remove the hand crank. Different with a prybar to produce a void so that the a steel retaining clip deserve to be removed. Use a hooked device to pull the clip out. I provided a dentist pick.3) Pry turn off the red door reflector and also remove the Philips screw beneath it.4) Unsnap the 4 panel fasteners in ~ the bottom of the door. These are wire ~ above this car.5) very closely unsnap the plastic molded piece that covers the handle and also the lock lever and pull it to the left.Turn the so that it slips over the door handle.
Slip the molded item over the door handle
6) indigenous the exterior of the door lift up the optimal of the large inner panel, by prying that upward v a screwdriver.There space three bottom pointing plastic holders ~ above the panel, that mount in rectangle-shaped cut-outs in the door.7) remove the entire inner dashboard by pulling upward.
Here is a watch of the inner door panel as soon as removed
8) eliminate the steel door-pull bracket (4 Philips screws)9) eliminate the clean plastic adhesive-backed sheet.10) eliminate the horizontal within lower window seal.11) traction the inside side window seal outward and also remove the from the door jamb approximately where it heads ago down.
Prying the end the window guide seal
12) eliminate two Philips screws ~ above the inside shaft of the home window jamb. Remove the plastic trim piece. Be careful, it’s plastic.13) loosen the plastic glass holders ( they to be riveted to the home window glass) from the under bar v a 10mm socket and ratchet.Go to scrapyard and also remove glass from a junked car. I paid $25 because that the glass.Reassembly
1) feeding the instead of glass v the upper door, seating the in the external rubber guide. Go to the various other side and line the plastic pieces on the bottom with under rail difficult ware. Usage the crank if essential to place it. Tighten with 10mm socket.2) download the inside trim piece with the two Philips screws.3) Re-seat the rubber upper and side home window seal in that slot.4) test the home window operation by temporarily reinserting the crank. If yes continue.5) Re-install the plastic sheeting .You may need to use a bit of silicone to host it in place.6) Re-install the door traction bracket v the four Philips screws.7) Re-install the huge inner door cover. Press it in ar from the top, seating the three upper clips.

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Then re-seat the continuing to be panel fasteners.8) install the screw behind the door reflector.9) install the reflector.10) download the home window crank. Placed the clip partly in location first, then seat the crank and also lock the clip in location with a dental choose or best angle tool.11) install the 2 door traction screws.Here is a video clip of this job: