It"s stunner to consider that most every team end in the letter "s" in the four major U.S. Expert Sports. What is crazier is that up till this year, there were zero in the NFL. We"ll explore what"s changed.

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But first, one thing we notification is that having actually an "S" in your team name is forced to be the finest franchise in your professional sports league, as none that the teams listed below lead their league in championships won.

How many pro sporting activities team names execute not end in "S"?

There are 10 teams that execute not finish in S. Here they are.

4 nationwide Basketball association (NBA) groups that do not end in "S"

Miami Heat - Miami Heats would just sound awkward.Oklahoma City Thunder - go Thunder also have a plural?Orlando Magic - Magic many is more appropriate because that high fantasy literature. As in, "Tolkien developed the miscellaneous magics of Middle-Earth ..."Utah Jazz - Jazzs. Just doesn"t look at right.

3 nationwide Hockey organization (NHL) groups that do not finish in "S"

Colorado Avalanche - One Avalanche is risk enough, many Avalanches would certainly be insane. They might have gained Ray Bourque a Stanley Cup win, however they took Dexter Rutecki from us, and also for that, we deserve to never truly pardon them.Minnesota Wild - Yeah, we aren"t really sure just how Wilds would certainly play out. Finest to stick to just Minnesota Wild.Tampa bay Lightning - go Lightning also have a plural?

2 major League Baseball (MLB) groups that carry out not end in "S"

1 national Football league (NFL) team that does not end in "S"

Washington football Team - Ahh yes, WFT, the team formerly known together the Washington Redskins. Not taking a cue native Prince, yet rather comes to your senses and also getting with the times is the Washington football Team. We"re actually big fans of the name. Sure, lock no longer have actually an "S" in your name choose they did once they were the Redskins, but their name is clean and their unis are slick. We"re sold.

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Women"s national Basketball combination (WNBA) teams that carry out not end in "S"

Atlanta DreamChicago SkyConnecticut SunIndiana FeverNew York LibertyMinnesota LynxPhoenix MercurySeattle Storm

Wrapping up

18 teams execute not have actually an "S" in American pro Sports, currently. In 2021, the list will expand to 19 through the NHL choose up one much more team, the Seattle Kraken. We"d be lying if us weren"t walking to push a couple of BLTs and drink a few puppers beers in anticipation that Seattle acquiring a hockey team.