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The archipelago bathed by the Caribbean Sea are some that the most typically visited destinations ~ above the entire planet. Characterised by their heat climate 365 job a year and their beautiful white sandy beaches, there are two destinations that stand out, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. 

Both islands were uncovered by Christopher Columbus on his trip to America, and also although they bear numerous similarities because of their proximity, these 2 Caribbean countries are really different. 

The similarity are basic to pick up: unlimited hours of sunshine transparent the year, decision clear, warm waters because that swimming, a significant Spanish social influence, or your irresistible tropical nature. Yet what space the distinctions that make these two nations vary native one another? 

Food in Puerto Rico vs the Dominican Republic

Although the diet in both countries is qualified by the influence of their Spanish colonisation, there are many aspects that identify them. 

The usual food in the Dominican Republic stands out for the exoticism v which that surprises that is visitors. The most timeless dishes room those that represent the creole cuisine that characterises Dominican cooking, resulting from the combination of the Spanish, African and also Taino cultures. Among the most intricate recipes, we can uncover highlights such together the “Dominican Flag”, Asopao, grilled meats and fresh seafood.

Likewise, desserts that Spanish descent also stand out, such as the warm chocolate and coffee, which girlfriend can try in towns like Cabarete, where there room bars and restaurants that offer freshly ready coffees and chocolates that the highest quality.

For that is part, the food in Puerto Rico is characterised by its extravagant mix the Spanish and Asian flavours and also influences, including key such together the mofongo, a beef or pork stew, and also seafood in purée v garlic-covered bananas. In addition, rice is the main ingredient in numerous of the country’s recipes, found in key such together rice with pigeon peas (with beans and also spices) and various pies (pork pasties covering in banana leaves). 


Activities in Puerto Rico vs the Dominican Republic

Although the tasks in both countries revolve around the sand and the sea, over there are details differences in between these two islands. 

In the Dominican Republic, sports such together surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing or kayaking are practiced throughout the year, and other activities that may be included in hotel package such as water aerobics. In areas like Saona Island or Catalina Island, you have the right to go diving after ~ a visit come the Sea turtle Sanctuary. Likewise, in enhancement to these water activities, other sports such together hiking or to ride bicycle can additionally be practiced, adhering to some the the routes that discover the protected nature reserves. 

The island likewise is home to impressive, historical places to visit, such together the Colonial City the Santo Domingo, deep influenced by Spanish culture, and also the Altos de Chavón or Catalina Island. 

For its part, Puerto Rico, although that doesn’t have actually the same social variety and also diversity of choices as the Dominican Republic, supplies several areas to check out in addition to that is stunning beaches. San Juan, the resources of the country, is characterised by its incredible historic value, through highlights including the fortresses notified by the Spanish crown in the 16th century: the Fortaleza (the official residence that the branch of Puerto Rico) and also San Felipe del Morro. The Puerto Rican country also offers great places for going surfing, diving, snorkelling or horseback riding. 


Safety in Puerto Rico vs the Dominican Republic

One that the main elements to consider when choosing your holiday destination is always safety. In this regard, some islands are more secure than others, and between the Dominican Republic and also Puerto Rico, over there are likewise some differences. 

In the Dominican country, plenty of resorts, such as the Lopesán Costa Bávaro Spa, resort & Casino, offer a an extremely high level of security 24/7, in enhancement to giving advice ~ above which locations to visit in the country and also tips come take into account in order to totally enjoy your visit. 

On the various other hand, in Puerto Rico, although most of its places are safe, that a good idea to always be conscious of her surroundings and also take all the essential precautions. The country’s capital, san Juan, together a city with much more than half a million inhabitants, has locations that are best to it is in avoided. 

Best beaches in Puerto Rico vs the Dominican Republic

This is just one of the aspects that both countries have in common and, without a doubt, one of their strongest points. Many world are feather to feeling the gentle ocean breeze on your holidays, and also both the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico sell extensive and impressive kilometre of white sandy beaches v turquoise water.  

The Dominican Republic stands the end for its unlimited kilometres the white sand, the warmth weather throughout the year and also the activities offered because that any type of visitor. If you decision to remain in Santo Domingo, the many comfortable beach access will it is in Boca Chica Beach, one the the most popular coastlines in all of the Dominican Republic, with highlights such together the coral reef the protects it. However, the Punta Cana area offers a greater variety of leisure and culture options, where Playa Bávaro was standing out, the beach the receives the least amount of rainfall transparent the entire Dominican Republic. 

Puerto Rico likewise offers a wide selection of alternatives for swimming on that shores, back most tourists go to the beaches bordering the city of san Juan. Another much less busy area is Flamenco Beach, in Culebra, a beautiful spot v turquoise waters and also white sand. 


Hotels in Puerto Rico vs the Dominican Republic

The key hotels in both countries are situated along your coasts, however, apart from this essential characteristics, there are numerous differences between them.

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The locations with the greatest selection of many hotels in the Dominican Republic are Punta Cana, La Romana and also Puerto Plata, with an emphasis on the very first due to the size of its coasts. Within Punta Cana, friend will uncover different coastal areas, with one of the most essential being Playa Bávaro, wherein the Lopesan Costa Bávaro Spa, resort & Casino is located, a perfect spot for relaxation from where you can discover every inch of the Dominican Republic. 


On the various other hand, Puerto Rico, return it sponsor the visitor more freedom to explore and discover the island, is a an ext expensive destination than the Dominican Republic, and offers fewer All-Inclusive options compared to the Dominican country. 

Therefore, and also although both destinations are an excellent options for enjoying a pleasant holiday, the Dominican Republic offers a greater selection in general at a much more affordable price.