Red and also purple is a rare combination in inner design, even when it feels like whatever has been “done” before. This combo will still revolve some heads. So if you’re bored with color and want to shot mixing unexplained tones, red and also purple may give you that extra edge.

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A shade wheel will tell you the red and also purple have to not it is in combined. Red and also Blue do purple, which means red is purple’s mother. Purple and red make magenta, which is a monotone cousin to purple.

The hallmark that interior architecture is the usage of contrasting colors or monotone colour to develop an interesting space. That means red and also blue or purple and also magenta will create a harmonious interior that is pleasing to the eye.


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Red and also purple are unsettling due to the fact that they’re related, yet aren’t equal. Red dominates purple, as many mothers have tendency to do. Of course, there are means you have the right to liberate purple from that is domineering mother. Shot using red accents against a purple palette or combine lavender through a glowing red for an ext contrast.

utilizing purple together an accent against red is an ext difficult, yet can be done by applying the ethics of monotone color mixing. Make sure accented purples stand out with texture and select placement fairly by color.

Although mix red and purple gift a style challenge, no one ever before said that decorating is just fun when it’s easy!

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