Learn how to change the home window regulator in her 00-05 Buick Le Sabre with expert help from 1A Auto in this video

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usage a flatblade driver to pry the triangle dashboard on the inside of the door to be the side winter is. Disconnect the speak lead. Pry up the door latch bezel. Pry increase the reflector. remove the 2 screws now exposed through a Phillips screwdriver. Pry the door panel off with a putty knife. Unplug the wiring harness from the switch panel.
closely pull back the water shield. Unbolt the clasp securing the window to the window regulator. Ice the home window up and out of the way with painters tape. Unplug the home window motor lead. Unbolt the home window regulator indigenous the door panel. Thread the home window regulator the end of the door.
thread the home window regulator into the door. Bolt it into place and also clip the home window to the regulator and also tighten the clip screws. Plug in the home window motor. Replace the water shield.

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Tools needed

Socket Extensions


Flat blade Screwdriver

Phillips Head Screwdriver

10mm Socket

Brought come you by chrischona2015.org, your source for top quality replacement parts and also the finest service top top the Internet. Hi, I"m Mike Green, I"m among the owner of 1A Auto. I want to aid you conserve time and money repairing and also maintaining your vehicle. I"m going to use my 20 add to years" endure restoring and repairing cars and trucks favor this, to display you the correct means to install parts from chrischona2015.org. The right parts mounted correctly that"s walking to conserve you time and also money. Thank you and enjoy the video.In this video we"re walking to show you how to change the former power home window regulator top top this 2003 Buick LeSabre. Exact same as many GM full-size front-wheel drive cars, Bonneville, LeSabre, Park Avenue. Devices you will need are flat, Phillips screw drivers, and a 10mm socket and also ratchet, and likewise a door dashboard clip device or a putty knife. You begin with the level plate screwdriver and this panel actually pulls, carefully, pry a tiny bit, up and also out. Climate there"s a little wire for her speaker. Pry on the side where you have the right to see the tab. Take it the speaker lead up, okay, right here pry in ~ the front an extremely lightly, pull that out, like that, and then again this little tab right here, pry that up, traction it out. Shot not come drop that and then earlier here on your reflector, simply going to pull in there and pry that out. Currently inside the door, there space two screws, one there and one appropriate there. I"ll just fast forward with removing those screws. They room Phillips screws. Usage a putty knife or a door panel clip tool or every little thing you might have, take hold, use your foot a tiny bit. Provide the door panel a great yank there. It come up and also off. Right here there"s a grasp switch. Girlfriend pull the end on a pair of tabs, so friend pull the end on these tabs and that rotates under so it come out, and there"s your door dashboard out. Traction our water shield back carefully. What I"ve done here is just to eliminate my exploit from mine door panel, plug it back in here. Mine regulator and window motor space fine, however most most likely what you"re walk to watch right right here is you loosen this bolt, i beg your pardon undoes this pinch and you have the right to slide the home window up. If her regulator is broken, which wake up most regularly with these cars, you"ll have the ability to just on slide your home window up and also down through hand to acquire to these. Actually, the ideal location is to lug your home window all the way up, and also you can access one of them ideal through here. Traction this small access plug off, and you can access the various other one right through there. V the home window all the method up, you have the right to see there"s among them there and there"s the other one there. You"ve just acquired to type of push that cable the end of the way. Right here is your home window motor, the lead, just push down on this gray tab, shelve the screwdriver, and also disconnect it. Here with the window in the increase position, I"m loosening those bolts that organize those pinch clamps that hold the regulator and the window together. I have my home window motor unhooked from my regulator, which would be like having actually a broken regulator, and you can see ns slide the window down, slide the regulator except the home window and on slide the window back up. Secure the window with a tiny bit the painter"s ice cream to save it from sliding down unexpectedly. A new regulator native 1A Auto, old regulator, you can see the new regulator native 1A Auto is exactly the same. It"s going come bolt in and role and every little thing the precise same. The only minor distinction is the it has actually a small bit the a command on the window motor. I am going come re-install the original due to the fact that on this vehicle the initial is functioning fine and I don"t think in wasting a good part. Regulator in currently you want to obtain this stud in ar first. Make sure that your regulator goes inside your window. Make sure that this component of your regulator goes inside your window. You can feel your glass here and also we"ll take it it down. I"m just going to quick forward as I begin those 10mm nuts, and also then usage my socket and ratchet to tighten lock up. You desire to tighten them up firm yet not overly tight. Currently I"m just taking the painter"s tape turn off here. On slide the window down slowly, make certain it comes right into our clips there and also then what we have the right to do is turn our key back on, operation the window up in place, and then I"ll tighten increase our clamps. You desire them to be firm. Castle don"t need to be very tight. That"s done. The window is going up and also down nicely. Switch our door ago up here. Simply to keep this video clip somewhat brief, I"m going to fast-forward through placing the door panel back on. If you desire to watch this part of the video in continual speed, just check out our other videos because that door panel removal and replacement for the Buick LeSabre. We hope this helps you out. Carried to you by www.chrischona2015.org, your source for quality replacement parts, and the best service top top the Internet. You re welcome feel free to call us toll complimentary 888-844-3393. We"re the company that is right here for friend both on the Internet and also in person.