Casey Kristofferson, the daughter the Kris Kristofferson u0026amp; Rita Coolidge theatre in a band called Yellow Feather. Lock released your debut album, And Gold, in November 2017.

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I just heard around the album the album today via I regularly wondered what Casey had actually been up to, especially after watching Kelly on phase with their Dad a couple of years back. Ns did some study tonight and I have the band play on loop as I am composing this.

Listening is all I can do. I have the right to neither read, write nor play music. That doesn’t matter so much, together I recognize what pleases mine ears and also my spirit, u0026amp; there room talented human being out their that make an excellent music.

Yellow Feather

The story behind this band can be the lyrics from a good country song.

A pair of boots lugged a guitar u0026amp; a guy dubbed Hunter Begley into Old ft NC.Casey Kristofferson has actually a loft in that little town.Hunter u0026amp; Casey’s friendship is the root of a nation music band referred to as Yellow Feather.

The beauty of a country song lies in its simplicity, after ~ all.

Yellow Feather – The band is composed of:

Hunter Begley – etc u0026amp; Vocals

Casey Kristofferson – Harmonies, Lyrics

Charlie Willis – Lap steel

Rob Parks – Base

Genre – Americana / roots Country

Debut Album And Gold, was taped in Asheville, NC’s Echo hill Studios

Produced by Nashville’s very own Rory Carroll

Guest appearances indigenous artists

Lyndsay Pruitt (fiddle, Jon Stickley Trio)Aaron Lee Tasjan (guitar)Brian White (electric guitar)Jimmy Rowland (keys) ………………..

and more. It appears as if musicians pop in u0026amp; out together they are called or just arrive and also stay a while.

Echo 38 mutual one of your vids top top YouTube. You could need to disable any kind of popup blockers for this site to see the content. Some of these pop up blocking programs room overzealous (whitelisting us only takes a moment.)

Yellow Feather – Swallow girlfriend Down

Watch this video clip on YouTube

Casey Coolidge Kristofferson

Legend states that her talented parents called their an initial child the day after lock met. Castle were with each other 8 years, married for 6 the them. There is a lot of info on this site about Kris Kristofferson, for this reason let’s look in ~ Rita Coolidge.

Rita Coolidge

Anyone have the right to see what attractive the couple to every other. Kris’ Me u0026amp; Bobby McGee to be flying high, so he to be living the life. Rita to be strikingly gorgeous. Slim, great skin u0026amp; lengthy hair with features anyone would certainly envy. One resource says that her father was a Cherokee minister in the Baptist church and also that her mommy was of Cherokee-Scottish stock.

Certainly, she was admired by many eligible males of the day. Stephen Stills, Graham Nash (who composed Cherokee about Rita), Leon Russell (wrote Delta Lady about Rita), Jim Gordon u0026amp; her existing husband Dr. Tatsuya Suda, an scholastic are some of the guys that Rita has actually been romantically connected with. To know more, you have the right to read her book, which is basically a biography. The does mention Kris, that course, so could be precious a watch anyway. Rita is one artist in her right – a two-time Grammy Award-winning singer.

Casey Coolidge Kristofferson

In a 2016 report, Casey is explained as Casey Coolidge Kristofferson, a mom of 3. In this candid interview Casey was 3 year old. It’s a great insight into the lifestyle of the day, u0026amp; once looking back the social standards of the day are crucial context.

Later, media became more intrusive, and also reports prefer this became a thing of the past.

I to be going to write more about Casey Coolidge Kristofferson. Really all we need to recognize that she has really talented parents, and also now sings in a band.

Kris Kristofferson once said that his youngsters can execute anything they want to. That they are cost-free because his love is unconditional.

Casey is record music right now and choosing no to lean on the popular of her parents.

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Like any an excellent country song, perhaps the sound that Yellow Feather have to speak because that itself.