This task can be obtained from the Vagabond who have the right to be uncovered in the Rattay refugee camp. He claims that a guard named Pazdera has actually stolen 100 Groschen from him, and also that if you gain it ago for the he will reward you with half of it. His story sounds dubious, but have no fear if you perform not want to steal from a guard; friend can select to give him 50 Groschen that your own instead.

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Once you have either robbed the safety or given 50 the your very own Groschen, the Vagabond will ask you come steal native a affluent townswoman. If you have no quarms through thieving climate the job deserve to be done straightforward enough, however you should take note of where the woman walks. It will not constantly be straightforward to uncover her in a place without guards. If you do not want to threat it throughout the day, you can wait till after midnight, when the woman deserve to be uncovered sleeping in her house.


The rich woman have the right to be discovered sleeping in she house, yet be wary that the guard who sleeps in the same room.

If you pick to steal from her throughout the night, you must remove any type of items with high noise ratings. You can then effort to pickpocket there is no waking she up, yet the safest method is come knock her out first and then loot her body.


If you proceed to pickpocket the human being of Rattay, her reputation will certainly decrease. Friend must therefore decide in between a cash price by stealing, or a reputational boon by providing the Vagabond through your own money in each case.

Whatever your decision, speak v the Vagabond again as soon as you have the money. The following phase in the activity chain needs you to steal no money, but an item in the type of a family members ring, from the wealthy merchant Wolfram Pruda. He likes to spend many of his time wandering around Rattay, but if you wait until after midnight girlfriend will discover him resting in his residence opposite the weaponsmith.


In order come steal the ring native Wolfram, girlfriend will first have to infiltrate his house. Keep an eye top top the three guards which patrol his property and wait until all three are a safe distance away from the front door. At this allude you have the right to pick the lock and enter the house, but be quick; girlfriend will have actually to gain the ring and leave before they come ago near the door, or they will suspect something suspicious and enter the house.

The safest method to get the ring is by knocking Wolfram out first. You can then prey the body, take the ring and run out. The is probably a great idea come wait at Miller Peshek’s farm until the morning come avoid any questioning from guards. In ~ dawn, you can take the ring to the Vagabond.

The following phase of the activity chain involves stealing a guild seal from the regional Ledetchko merchant. He will certainly be at his shop every day long, wherein he is protected by a guard. Over there is because of this no possibility of stealing native him during the day without the safety noticing. Instead, you have to wait until after midnight as soon as more, as soon as it will be feasible to pick the lock the the shop and also find the merchant sleeping.


You will discover the vendor sleeping an extremely close come his wife, make it impossible to knock him the end without her waking.

Since knocking the vendor out first is no an alternative here, friend will have to pickpocket him. If your ability is high sufficient this will certainly not be a problem, but be sure to carry out it as conveniently as possible and obtain out of there to avoid attracting any interest indigenous guards. As soon as you have actually the guild seal, take it it earlier to the Vagabond in Rattay.


When you return to Rattay, girlfriend will discover the Vagabond arrested in a pillory. You have the right to speak to him, but he will not have the ability to reward you.

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Speaking v the Vagabond will end the activity. You deserve to sell the seal come a miller as he suggested.