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I cant uncover my hands-on after moving. Ns need main bearing and rod bearing bolt speak specs for a 94 3.8 ASAP. Many thanks guys and gals!
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From mine 95 manuals, 94 have to be the same.2.Install crankshaft together follows:a.Install crankshaft key bearings in cylinder block. Note that third bearing indigenous front is the crankshaft thrust main bearing (6337). Behind crankshaft key bearing top top 3.8L SC engine is unique.b.Lubricate crankshaft main bearings v Engine Assembly Lubricant D9AZ-19579-D or identical meeting Ford Specification ESR-M99C80-A, and carefully reduced crankshaft into place. Use care to prevent damages to bearing surfaces.c.NOTE:Prior to using sealer, clean sealing surfaces with metal Surface Cleaner F4AZ-19A536-A or identical meeting Ford specification WSE-M5B392-A, to remove all residual water that may interfere with the sealer"s capacity to adhere.Apply a 3 mm (1/8 inch) bead the Silicone Rubber, D6AZ-19562-BA or D6AZ-19562-AA or equivalent meeting Ford Specifications ESB-M4G92-A and ESE-M4G195-A come cylinder block rear key bearing cap parting line.d.Install crankshaft key bearings in crankshaft key bearing caps and also install caps. Keep in mind that caps space numbered through triangles. Lid No. 1 is located at the front of cylinder block v triangle facing front of cylinder block.e.Install main bearing lid retaining bolts.f.CAUTION:Do no jam prybar right into place. Tap right into position only sufficient to host crankshaft front while lid bolts room tightened.Before tightening crankshaft key bearing lid retaining bolts, wedge a prybar between cylinder block web and also crankshaft cheek situated in prior of No. 3 crankshaft main bearing.g.Tighten crankshaft key bearing cap retaining bolts to 110-120 N-m (81-89 lb-ft) and remove prybar.3.Check crankshaft end play. Refer to «Section 03-00».4.Install pistons together follows:a.Install connecting pole bearings (6211) in connecting rods (6200) and also connecting stick caps.b.NOTE:Lubricate piston and cylinder walls through Engine Assembly Lubricant D9AZ-19579-D or identical meeting Ford Specification ESR-M99C80-A before installation.NOTE:Scratching of crankshaft journal deserve to be prevent by spanning connecting rod bolts through ignition cable spark plug boots or versatile hose.Install pistons using Rotunda Piston Ring Compressor 014-00290 or equivalent. The notch in piston dome must face the prior of engine.c.Install connecting rod caps and also retaining nuts. Tighten retaining nuts to 41-49 N-m (31-36 lb-ft).

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96 Mustang GT 5spd. W/ 248A option (GTS). Stock for now until I acquire the Roush on.97 Thunderbird 4.6L LX /w sport Package24k B&M Cooler, 1" lowered, Steeda UD Pulleys, Dynomax cat-back, J-mod, 3.73"s, PI intake, PI cams, 03 GT MAF/Tube, SCT tuned - Gone yet not forgotten.MAMN12 traction Racing Team In require of updated times.