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Ordered furniture for our guys bedrooms native the Rooms To walk in Wilmington NC ~ above June 28, 2019. Our order was ceded on July 18, 2019. Every the furniture looked an excellent except for among the mattresses. It was bulging top top one side. Flipped the mattress over and it to be bulging on the side too. When you push on that you can tell the springs on the inside room all messed up.Now I have one boy with no mattress come sleep on.

Called increase Rooms to walk in Wilmington NC and one that the supervisors Dustin Cummins (Or Cummings) stated he would try to execute what he might to obtain this addressed as soon as possible.

We additionally called increase the 1 800 number and they told united state the earliest that they might deliver a new mattress to be on Wednesday July 24, 2019, or the other alternative was the we can drive to over there warehouse (where ever that is) and pick a mattress up on Saturday July 20, 2019 on our dime. We space celebrating our kids birthdays this Saturday out of town so this isn’t also an choice for us, plus we paid for delivery. It’s really upsetting the Rooms To walk isn’t trying harder to make this right.

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So currently my son doesn’t have actually a mattress to sleep on because that the following week due to the fact that Rooms To go didn’t examine to make certain that the product they space loading top top the truck for distribution is an excellent to go to the customer.

Spoke to a manager named Danny (??I think it is what he claimed his name was??) at the warehouse and also he claimed he could have it delivered Saturday. As soon as my husband stated we would be the end of town, to celebrate our sons birthday, the manager claimed that we must reschedule our plans because that the comfort of our son. Mine husband currently took turn off of job-related (so that’s a job of no income) to be right here today for this reason they could deliver, and also now we are being told to work roughly Rooms to Go’s schedule however again as soon as this is clearly a problem on their part.

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So again we space at a delivery date of Wednesday July 24, 2019. The manager stated he was going to refund the $250 distribution fee (guess us will see if that actually happens) and my son still has to sleep on the floor. Or effort to sleep on an extremely lumpy, uncomfortable damaged springs mattress (which the floor is probably an ext comfortable!) because that the quantity of money we simply spent top top bedroom furniture, and also for as big of a firm that Rooms To walk is, i would have actually expected castle to want to make this ideal immediately.

I have actually been a Rooms To walk customer for a long time but have never had actually such crappy service. I will never ever be a customer v this firm ever again!