- in ~ this point,you are likely currently familiar through the idea of rounding. Probably, you have had some exercise rounding come the nearest 10. Now we're gonna doanother type of rounding. Us are currently going toround to the nearest 100. Therefore let's simply start through an example, and also you'll view that in a lot of ways, it's very comparable torounding to the nearest 10, we're simply looking atdifferent ar values now. For this reason let's to speak we have the number 345. And we desire to roundthis come the nearest 100. So stop this video, andsee, I know I haven't even taught you how to perform that,but what's her intuition? What is the nearest 100 come 345? Okay, now let's do this together. And what we wanna carry out isfirst look at the 100s place. And you deserve to see 345 is three100s, four 10s, and five ones. So 345, the 100, the variety of 100s, that is right below 345 is 3 100s, so it's in between three 100s,zero 10s, and zero ones, and also then the variety of 100s that's right over this number is 400. We're in in between three 100s and also four 100s. And also 400. For this reason if we're gonna roundthis come the nearest 100, it's gonna walk to one of these two. Well, come think aboutwhich one we round to, we have to think aboutwell, is 345 closer to 400, or is the closer to 300? and also to think about that, us can draw ourselves a number line. And so let me simply startmy number line below at, I'll simply start it at 200. So that's 200, let's do this 300, and then this would be 400. And also then because we, let's simply see, this would certainly be around 350 best over here, so I'll execute the 50s appropriate over there. So that 350. So wherein would 345 sit? Well, 345 is a tiny bit less than 350. It's going come be around right over there. Therefore which 100 is the closer to? are we closer to 300,or are we closer to 400? Well, you deserve to visually see,350 is best in between. It's 50 far from 300,and 50 away from 400. So 345 is walk to be alittle bit closer come 300. Therefore in this situation, if we'rerounding come the nearest 100, we would round down to 300. Currently another method that you can do this, and it's really similarto what us thought about when we rounded to the nearest 10, is okay, we're roundingto the nearest 100, so this is either going to berounded to a three or a four, and also to decide on that, us go to one location value much less than that. So to decide on that, wewould walk to the 10s place. Let me perform this in a different color. Go to the 10s place. And in ours 10s place right end here, if this is less thanfive, then we round down. If that is better than orequal come five, we round up. So in this situation,it is less than five, so us round down. If this was 365, fine then that would certainly be greater than or equal to five, so climate we would round up. And also that provides sense, because365 would be over here, and it would certainly be closer come 400. Let's do an additional example. We'll do it both withwhat I simply described, and we'll execute it through a number line. And I'll actually execute afour digit number now, just to simply mix things up a small bit. Let's speak we have actually the number 7,652. Stop this video, and also see if you have the right to round this number to the nearest 100. Alright, currently let's do it together. Now, we're thinking about the 100s place, so right over there. You can view this as seventhousands and also six 100s. Or you can even check out this as 76 100s. Therefore what space the closest100s come this number? Well, this is, you could either watch this together 76 100s and five 10s and also two ones, or 7 thousands, six100s, five 10s, and also two ones. And also so one of two people way, the 100sthat room right listed below this is 76 100s, or 7,600, and the 100s that are right over this, well you would just takeone an ext than this six, for this reason that would certainly be 7700, 7700. And also so, i beg your pardon one would certainly it round to? Well, we could use the techniquethat I simply showed you. You go one place value much less than the 100s, i beg your pardon in this situation is in the 10s position, and you would certainly say, alright, is this better than or same to five? If it is, us round up. Is this less than five? Then us round down. This is better than or same to five. It's same to five. For this reason in this situation, us round as much as 7700. And also we deserve to see the ona number line as well. Allow me draw a number line here. And so permit me simply start at,let's say that this is 7500, this is 7600, or 7,600, andthis ideal over below is 7,700. And also this would be 7,650 best over here. And also so 7,652 is going to bea little bit more than that. It's walk to be a little bit more. And since you can see, it'seither right in the middle, or to the right of ideal in the middle, we would certainly round up to 7700, i m sorry is specifically what we just did. Currently let me give you anotherinteresting example. Let's to speak we wanted to roundto the nearest 100 because that 982. What would certainly that be? Well once again, welook in ~ the 100s place. Well what's 100 that's right below 982? fine if you just get rid of the 82, you're simply left with nine 100s, so that would certainly be 900 if you ring down. And if you were to round up, what's the 100s right over this? Well, you might go fromnine 100s to 10 100s, and that would be the same thing as 1,000. And so I want to show this example due to the fact that when you're rounding up here, the next 100 is 10 100s, or 1,000.

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And so we can see very plainly here the if we look at the 10s place, the eight is greaterthan or equal to five, so we are going to round up. For this reason 982 rounded come thenearest 100s is 1,000.