Salomon Performa, Evolution, Performa T3, Symbio 440 (05), Elios, Charm, Symbio.One kits includes heel and also toe replacements for 2 boots and include screws. There room two sizes: large (26.0-33.5) and tiny (22.0-25.5). Please check your boots come order the appropriate size. Click below to to buy from mine eBay store.

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Salomon X Max T2 hoe Toe replacement kit (SBP201)

Salomon X Max 60T, Ghost 60T, T2 (16+), T3 (16+).

One kits contains heel and toe replacements because that 2 boots and includes screws.

There space two sizes: huge (22-26) and tiny (18-21).

Please inspect your boots to order the ideal size.

$30 every kit, consisting of freedomestic USAshipping.





Unfortunately Salomon (AMERSPORTS) hasdecided the they don't want to it is provided chrischona2015.organymore.

I'm not really sure why. I developed the website to help ski enthusiasts get great quality equipment in a simple and cheap way.

Most world that buy these replacement parts don't desire to waste your time top top the weekend within a boot store, hunting approximately for this parts...often to be told lock don't have them so you re welcome buy a brand-new pair of boots.

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AMERSPORTS has actually told me the I need to open a physics ski boot keep to get more inventory. That seems crazy therefore I will certainly not it is in refilling any type of of this inventory. Ideal I can say is to acquisition Lange/Rossi boots next time about as I have actually a good supply indigenous them.

If friend want contact AMERSPORTS and also complain (like i have) then email map.questions