Las vegas Road expedition Series

Making your travel to las Vegas part of the experience makes your trip just that lot better! If you room doing a mountain Francisco to ras Vegas drive, you room in for a special treat depending on the path you take. The fastest path takes friend on a U-shaped journey through southern California, wherein farmland is abundant. Or, if she the adventurer, do the san Francisco to las Vegas road trip far better by travel through northern California’s stunning nationwide parks and also forests.

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Pack her bags, rally the troops, and also fill the tank, due to the fact that we have actually all the road pilgrimage recommendations to have actually the finest San Francisco to las Vegas drive.

The Logistics: Route, journey Time & Traffic

The mountain Francisco to las Vegas drive is the perfect length for a job of road tripping. The I-5 S and the I-15 N are the two key roads you will do it be traveling on to obtain to Sin City, acquisition you 569 miles greatly through California, and also takes roughly 9 hours to journey as long as traffic and weather conditions are ideal. However, to stop the long stretch that farmland, you deserve to opt to take it a much longer route ~ above the US-395 S and also US-95 S through national woodlands that spans 638 miles and also takes almost 11 hours to complete. Trust united state – the scenery is precious the longer trip!

If possible, avoid beginning your road pilgrimage to las vegas on the renowned weekend days, and instead leave on less-popular steering days prefer Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday come avoid hefty traffic. Permit for much longer drive time if you plan on travel to the city for ras Vegas events or during the holidays. No issue where you driving from or which job of the week, the web traffic is certain to choose up closer come the city.

San Francisco to ras Vegas Road pilgrimage Stops


Golden gate Bridge | 638 miles to Vegas

Of course, your an initial stop ~ above the way to golden Gate Hotel & Casino because that your ras Vegas road trip… needs to start in ~ the gold Gate Bridge! This orange suspension bridge is san Francisco’s iconic landmark, so make certain to snap a pic.

WWII house Front National historic Park | 619 miles to Vegas

This National historic Park is a beautiful Rosie the Riveter park devoted to the WWII residence Front workers. Prevent by the welcome center for educational and interactive exhibits to discover of the historical affect of this program and the women behind it.

Six Flags discovery Kingdom | 597 mile to Vegas

Like roller coasters? favor animals? Then six Flags exploration Kingdom is the location for you! If you desire a small adrenaline to store you going on your san Francisco to las Vegas drive, be certain to gain your thrills in ~ this awesome theme park.

California automobile Museum | 545 mile to Vegas

On your san Francisco to las Vegas roadway trip, salary tribute come the vehicle that’s making that all occur by visiting the California auto Museum. See standard cars, find out automotive history, and also check out cool exhibits – choose the road trip exhibit!

Apple Hill | 498 miles to Vegas

Founded in 1964, apple Hill began with 16 to apologize ranches. In 2018, the community is now home to produce farms, flower gardens B&Bs, wineries, and also more. Prevent by and shot some delicious develop while taking in the tranquil surroundings.

Sierra at Tahoe will | 458 mile to Vegas

When driving through northern California, avoiding to check out Lake Tahoe is a must. Make a visit to Sierra in ~ Tahoe resort to gain the beauty beauty of the area while trying out the outdoor activities or grabbing a bite to eat v a see of the slopes.

Thomas F. Regan Memorial City beach | 441 mile to Vegas

Want one even far better view the Lake Tahoe? load a lunch and also have a picnic at cutting board F. Regan Memorial City Beach. Weather permitting, girlfriend can also swim, usage the observation deck, beat sand volleyball, and eat at their restaurant.

Mono Lake Tufa State natural Reserve | 332 miles to Vegas

Some describe this reserve together looking prefer you’ve arrived on Mars. Mono Lake, i m sorry was developed by an old inland sea, is surrounded by tufa towers made of limestone. Walk around the shores and also take in the distinctive landscape.

Mammoth Brewing agency | 309 miles to Vegas

Take a little detour off the main route to make a avoid in Mammoth. Mammoth Brewing firm offers part unique and delicious brews, tasty food, and a killer view if you require a break from the drive. Just be sure to journey responsibly!

Goldwell open up Air Museum | 120 mile to Vegas

Located slightly off the beaten path is the Goldwell open Air Museum, a sculpture park fill with distinct sculptures native artists-in-residence and other artists. Started in 1984, this spot has grown into a famous spot for art enthusiasts.

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Some to speak life isn’t only around the destination, it’s about the journey. If you’re planning your following trip to las Vegas, take into consideration hitting the road and also making one adventure the end of it.