Looking because that remote codes for her cable box? here is the list v the well-known working device codes because that cable boxes. These must work with any type of remote as these far codes are universal. Make certain you look in ~ the an equipment of the cable or SAT crate when trying to find a remote code. You need to use the device of package to discover the remote code first, if that code does not work then pick your cable company and usage those remote codes.


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CABLE crate 4 digit Remote Codes:

ADELPHIA Cable crate Remote Code05120511ALLEGRO Cable crate Remote Code05240525AMERICAST Cable box Remote Code0527ANTRONIX Cable crate Remote Code04680469ARCHER Cable crate Remote Code0468046904700471AT&T Cable box Remote Code0511BELL south Cable box Remote Code0527CABLETENNA Cable crate Remote Code0468CABLEVIEW Cable crate Remote Code0468CABLEVISION Cable crate Remote Code0506CENTURY Cable box Remote Code0471CITIZEN Cable crate Remote Code0471COGECO Cable crate Remote Code0511COLOR VOICE Cable crate Remote Code04720473COMCAST Cable box Remote Code0511COMTRONICS Cable box Remote Code04740475CONTEC Cable box Remote Code0476COX Cable crate Remote Code0471DIGITAL MUSIC refer Cable crate Remote Code0514EASTERN Cable crate Remote Code0477EVERQUEST Cable box Remote Code0474GARRARD Cable crate Remote Code0471GC electronic devices Cable box Remote Code0469
GEMINI Cable crate Remote Code05360479GE Cable crate Remote Code0549GENERAL instrument Cable crate Remote Code050904610465HAMLIN Cable box Remote Code0461048004810482HITACHI Cable crate Remote Code0463ILLICO Cable box Remote Code0506JASCO Cable crate Remote Code0471JERROLD Cable box Remote Code0509046104650518MAGNAVOX Cable box Remote Code0485MEMOREX Cable box Remote Code0486MOTOROLA (COX) Cable box Remote Code0509046505130518MOVIE TIME Cable box Remote Code0487NSC Cable crate Remote Code0487
OAK Cable crate Remote Code04760489PACE Cable box Remote Code0532PANASONIC Cable crate Remote Code04600508PARAGON Cable crate Remote Code04860488PHILIPS Cable crate Remote Code047104790485049004910492PHILIPS MAGNAVOX Cable box Remote Code05050534PIONEER Cable box Remote Code0478050604930494PULSAR Cable crate Remote Code0486RADIO SHACK Cable box Remote Code050505340525RCA Cable crate Remote Code046004710507REALISTIC Cable box Remote Code0469REGAL Cable crate Remote Code0482REGENCY Cable crate Remote Code0477REMBRANDT Cable crate Remote Code0463ROGERS Cable crate Remote Code0506RUNCO Cable crate Remote Code0486SAMSUNG Cable crate Remote Code04740494SCIENTIFIC ATLANTA Cable box Remote Code0498049705060535051204660496SHAW Cable box Remote Code0511SIGNAL Cable box Remote Code0474
SIGNATURE Cable crate Remote Code0463SL MARX Cable box Remote Code0474SPRUCER Cable box Remote Code0460STANDARD Cable box Remote Code0499STARCOM Cable box Remote Code04610518STARGATE Cable box Remote Code0474STAR sight Cable box Remote Code0507STAR TRAK Cable box Remote Code0516TANDY Cable box Remote Code0500TELEVIEW Cable box Remote Code0474TEXSCAN Cable crate Remote Code0499TIME WARNER Cable box Remote Code0506TOCOM Cable crate Remote Code0464050105130520TOSHIBA Cable crate Remote Code0486

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TV86 Cable crate Remote Code0487UNIKA Cable box Remote Code046804690471UNITED CABLE Cable box Remote Code0461UNIVERSAL Cable box Remote Code046804690470047105020524VIDEOWAY Cable box Remote Code0504VIEWSTAR Cable crate Remote Code0475048504870500VIDEO tech Cable crate Remote Code0550VIDEOTRON Cable box Remote Code0506ZENITH Cable box Remote Code05030525047104860521052205230527Need help? leaving a comment below and we deserve to assist.