What do The Dash Symbol lights Mean?

We’re all acquainted with the assorted colored symbols that light up on our dash as soon as we start our car. Unfortunately, few people know what they median or what to do when they light up. Listed below are some of the most typical lights and an explanation the what the lamp mean and what you need to do if this warnings irradiate up on her dashboard.

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But first, if you have actually a light that’s not presented here (every vehicle is different), or if you space not certain what needs to be excellent if a light turns on, consult her owner’s manual. Girlfriend can additionally feel free to bring your vehicle to the Neil Huffman Honda the Frankfort company department wherein our highly-trained company technicians will certainly be happy to help you out.

Second, if any type of of the lights space blinking, that generally means that instant attention is required. Solving the blinking light can be as simple as fastening her seat belt or making certain a door is fully closed. But if other lights are blinking, immediate repairs or business may be necessary.

Oil Pressure/Level Warning Light

This irradiate looks like a genie’s lamp v a fall of liquid coming out the end. It method that her oil level or press is reading low. Be sure to examine your oil level, and if it is low, optimal off v the ideal motor oil. If the oil level is fine yet this irradiate is still illuminated, it can mean a bad oil pressure sensor, clogged filter, or a failing oil pump. In any type of of this circumstances, company is necessary. However, this no necessarily typical that it’s going to be an high-quality service.

Various light Indicators

These indicators tell friend which lights are turned on, depending upon the symbol. The blue light suggests the High Beam headlights room on (be sure to dim these for oncoming traffic.) A similar light, however green, suggests the short Beam headlights are on. A irradiate symbol through the dashes sharp downward, usually with a slash with the dashes, method the fog lights space on. If facing left, the prior fog lights room on, if facing right, the rear fog lights space on (this is a feature usual on europe cars.) 2 lights v the dashes pointing outward mean the parking lights space on or is a general indicator that your auto lights room turned on.

Battery Warning

A box through a + and also – symbol suggests an worry with her battery and/or charging system. This could be a bad or decreasing battery or a difficulty with the alternator. Proceeding to drive through this light on can leave friend stranded if you operation down your battery or her alternator is not working correctly. This light is generally red however can also be yellow.

Coolant/Antifreeze Warning Light

This irradiate looks prefer a flag floating in the river. It have the right to indicate that your coolant level is low or the your engine is overheating. In one of two people case, immediate attention is required, and also driving v an overheated car may cause severe damage.

Tire press Warning Light

If your automobile has a Tire press Monitoring system (TPMS), this light suggests that one or more tires is under- or over-inflated. You require to inspect your tires and adjust them come the exactly pressure. If this is done and also the irradiate is quiet on, it suggests a sensor error and also one that the TPMS sensors needs to be serviced or replaced. Keeping correct tire push is a crucial element for for sure driving. The correct pressure additionally assures the ideal traction in every driving conditions and maximizes the wear and also life of your tires. While not necessarily urgent (unless a tires is shedding air quickly or if your tire is flat), this light shouldn’t be ignored.

Traction Control

This light looks choose the ago of a auto with squiggles behind it. It illuminates when your traction manage system has been engaged, for this reason it might appear, blink or flash sporadically, specifically in rain or snow. If the light continues to be on, it indicates a failure with your traction control system which friend should obtain checked out as shortly as possible. This may not be urgent, but your traction regulate system is a critical safety ingredient that additionally impacts exactly how your car handles.

Brake Lights

If you see a red circle through an “E” or a “P” inside, it simply means your emergency (parking) brake is engaged. If a light come on that claims BRAKE or a yellow circle v ABS inside, your braking system has actually a major malfunction. The yellow circle suggests the Anti-Lock Braking System has actually a malfunction. Because both solution are an essential components of operation your vehicle, servicing these systems is urgent.

Check Engine Light

A examine engine light suggests that the engine’s computer has detect a malfunction. If the indicator light comes on and also stays stability lit, friend should gain it checked at your following routine service. If the indicator is flashing, the error is in a significant engine component and also immediate fist is required. Severe auto damage or safety problems can take place if a flashing check engine irradiate is not addressed.

Fuel Level

A light that looks prefer a gas pump shows that your fuel level is low and you should obtain gas as soon as possible. Please note that driving with low fuel level can damage your fuel pump and other fuel components in her car’s fuel system. You generally never desire to drive v such a short fuel level the this light come on.

Seatbelt Indicator

This light looks like a passenger in a seat with their seatbelt on. Typically, this light is flashing and also indicates a passenger in the car does not have actually their seatbelt fastened. Occasionally items ~ above the seat can offer an indication the there is someone sitting there. For safety, move the item to the floor or trunk.

Airbag Indicator

This light looks choose the side check out of a human being in a seat v a huge balloon in prior of them. This light have to illuminate for a few seconds every time you start your vehicle, however should go the end promptly. If this irradiate comes back on, continues to be on, or is blinking, get your airbag mechanism checked the end as soon as possible.

Washer liquid Indicator

This light mirrors a windshield through a spring spray with the middle and method your windshield washer liquid level is low. You have to fill it up the following time girlfriend fill her fuel tank or sooner in incl weather conditions.

Door Ajar Indicator

This looks like a birds-eye view of a car with one or much more doors open. It means that one or an ext doors space not fully closed or latched. The can additionally indicate the your hood and/or tribe lid may not be completely latched. Check your doors and also make sure all are fully closed.

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This is a summary of a couple of of the much more common warning irradiate indicators. Since every automobile is different, the signs on her dashboard might vary slightly. If you want to view what lights your car has, rotate the an essential to the second position (“Run”) without beginning the vehicle (for pushbutton starters, push the button twice without her foot on the brake.)

Remember you can always consult her vehicle’s owner’s manual or call Neil Huffman the Frankfort Honda and we’ll it is in happy to aid you out.