Melissa Gilbert and Shannen Doherty both began acting at a young age. In 1974, Gilbert came to be the star of Little residence on the Prairie as Laura Ingalls. As for Doherty, she joined the present several years later on as Gilbert’s on-screen niece, Jenny Wilder.

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Although they played a family on-screen, Gilbert shared in she memoir, Prairie Tale, that she and also Doherty are far from close. The actor claimed she would gain physical v Doherty if she witnessed her in person.


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Melissa Gilbert stated Shannen Doherty was she ‘shadow’

Gilbert met Doherty for the an initial time towards the end of Little house on the Prairie. Doherty’s character, Jenny, started working on the show in its last two seasons. In she memoir, Gilbert stated she initially had nothing however kind thoughts around Doherty’s addition to the series.

“Shannen, climate 12, to be an adorable little girl and an extremely sweet,” she wrote. “In her pigtails and also dress, she would literally to walk in my footsteps, complying with me closer than my shadow.”

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In addition to complying with her around, Gilbert stated Doherty additionally wanted come emulate her style. As soon as they weren’t filming, Gilbert recalled the future Beverly Hills, 90210 star asking her because that fashion advice. 

“She wanted to know what makeup ns wore, what jewelry ns liked, and also did I prefer my Jordache jeans or my Calvins?” Gilbert wrote. “She looked up to me also though i was in countless ways, still a child myself. In fact, she offered to speak she wanted to be as with me when she grew up.”

Shannen Doherty had an affair with Melissa Gilbert’s husband

After Little home on the Prairie ended, Doherty and Gilbert went on to work on other projects. In 1990, Doherty landed a function as Brenda Walsh in 90210. She additionally starred in Charmed and several various other movies. Gilbert additionally worked on multiple TV movies prior to she wrote her memoir in 2009.

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Throughout she memoir, Gilbert debated her past romantic relationships. Few of Gilbert’s exes incorporate Rob Lowe and Tom Cruise. Gilbert likewise opened up around her first marriage come Bo Brinkman. The couple got married in February 1988 and also had a son together- Dakota Brinkman. 

During your marriage, Gilbert and also Brinkman separated. Adhering to their split, the pair made decision to walk to couples counseling to solve their issues. Gilbert claimed that when Brinkman discussed his infidelity at your session, Doherty’s name come up.

“During ours time apart, he’d moved right into the Oakwood apartment complicated in Burbank,” Gilbert wrote. “Shannen, climate a young adult, to be living there, too. Once Bo and I reconciled in therapy, the confessed whatever that that done during our separation, and also his laundry perform of dirty deeds consisted of a one-night stand through Shannen. The story, in particular, irked me.”

Melissa Gilbert is still angry through Shannen Doherty

Gilbert and also Doherty’s decades-long feud no going anywhere. After she learned the Doherty and Brinkmann’s affair, Gilbert confronted her at the Emmy Awards in 1991.

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Years later, Gilbert spoke much more about the sex-related acts on clock What wake up Live through Andy Cohen. She called Cohen that if she witnessed Doherty top top the street, it i will not ~ be a festive reunion. 

“I wouldn’t say anything. I’d simply punch her in the nose,” Gilbert said.

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Doherty has actually yet to speak around the one-night stand v Gilbert’s ex-husband. Gilbert remarried Timothy Busfield in April 2013.