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ns am suspect you want to know about some that the metaphors offered in The an enig Life the Bees. A metaphor is a way of explaining something in regards to something else, so if ns say "Her smile was sunshine," mine listener understands that someone"s laugh is not actual...

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I to be assuming you desire to know around some the the metaphors supplied in The secret Life the Bees. A an allegory is a method of explaining other in terms of something else, for this reason if ns say "Her laugh was sunshine," mine listener understands the someone"s smile is no actual sunshine, yet that it shared some attribute the sunshine has, for example, warmth. The book is filled with many metaphors, so i am going come offer simply a sampling that them. 

In chapter One, we see Lily explained metaphorically as she explains the connection she has actually with Rosaleen. She claims that Rosaleen has actually never had actually her own kids so Lily is "her pets guinea pig" (2). This is a metaphor. Of food Lily is no a guinea pig! What she wants to convey is the Rosaleen is exploring on her, due to the fact that she has no experience increasing children. 

Also in chapter One, Lily share a conversation with her father, T. Ray, in i m sorry she tells him around the bees she has heard. His solution is come say they must have actually flown the end of "that cuckoo clock you call a brain"(5). This is a metaphor, because Lily"s brain is fixed a cuckoo clock. This is intended to tell us that T. Ray thinks Lily is insane.

In thing Four, once Lily and also Rosaleen get resolved in with the Boatwright sisters, Lily goes off on her own to discover a bit, and describes beehives off in the distance, "the tops of lock postage stamps the white shine" (79). She finds ferns in the woods, through "blue-green feathers" (80). Because that these metaphors, we space meant to recognize that the beehives resembled postage stamps and that the pipeline of the ferns looked like feathers.

I do not think there is one thing in this publication that go not have actually at the very least one metaphor. Check out if you have the right to find another chapter and also pick the end a few, too.