Does her Sims 2 household need a infant girl? The game has a built-in method you have the right to use to make sure you have a girl. Yet I’ll also show you exactly how to usage cheats if you’re really impatient, as the non-cheat version can be a little tedious. Unfortunately, there is no means to influence the gender of one unborn baby without cheating as there is in later iterations of the game.

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So, how do you have actually a baby girl in The Sims 2? There room two different ways. Friend can departure the many without conserving after the bear sequence plays, use the tombstone that life and death on a male center (which usually creates an opposite-gender clone that the Sim). These room the just two ways currently feasible to influence the baby’s gender.

Let’s take it a look at at exactly how you can use these techniques to have your own baby girl.

Exit the Lot

The easiest means requires some patience. You’ll must save the game while your center is pregnant but before she (or he) gives birth. If you can, save just prior to your sim goes into labor. Girlfriend can also save after ~ the center starts going v the labor animation – as lengthy as it’s prior to you get the pop-up that claims “a brand-new baby is on the way.”

Exit the lot without saving before the new baby pop-up appears.

If the baby born is a boy and also you desire it to be a girl, exit the many without conserving after the birth sequence plays. When you reload the lot, you’ll have a 50 percent chance of having actually a girl. You may need to repeat this number of times prior to a baby girl is born.

The variety of babies is identified at conception in The Sims 2, yet the sex is determined at birth. If her Sim has actually twins, you’ll continue to have twins every time the many is loaded, yet each twin’s sex can be readjusted by exiting and also reloading ~ birth.

Warning: If you conserve the video game after her Sim gives birth, girlfriend won’t it is in able to readjust the gender of the baby. Your just option then is to load an earlier back-up of your game (if you have one) or adjust the child’s gender in center PE.

Tombstone the Life & Death


If you don’t desire to save and reload the game – possibly multiple time – you can also use the tombstone of life and death. This is a cheat you have the right to use by complying with these steps:

Press Ctrl + shift + C to open up the cheat console.Enter “boolprop testingcheatsenabled true” without the quotes and also press enter to allow cheats.In live mode, shift-click on a Sim. A menu will appear. Select Spawn > Tombstone the Life and Death.Now, make sure your MALE center is selected. You have the right to only obtain a guarantee baby girl through impregnating the male Sim v himself. (I know, that sounds really creepy.)Click ~ above the tombstone v your male center selected. Select “Simulate hereditary merger with…” and then pick your male Sim’s name. He is now pregnant.Turn off trial and error cheats by opening the cheat console again and also entering “boolprop testingcheatsenabled false” without the quotes.Wait because that the infant to it is in born. It will certainly be a girl clone of your male Sim.

Warning: The tombstone produce an opposite-gender clone the the pregnant Sim. This is just how the developers made Brandi broke pregnant through her unborn boy – i beg your pardon is why that looks exactly like her and also is always born a boy. If you really want your baby girl to have the genes of both parents, don’t use this cheat.

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This male sim is in labor through a mrs clone of himself.

Accelerating Pregnancy

If girlfriend can’t wait to view your brand-new baby, you can speed up the pregnancy by utilizing the sim Blender. Click on the blender, pick Pregnancy > male Sim’s surname > advice Pregnancy. Her baby girl will be born in just a few hours rather of a few days.

When a masculine Sim gives birth after ending up being pregnant v the Tombstone the Life and also Death, the alien baby birth animation will play, even if the infant is human.

Setting family members Relationships

There’s one more caveat to utilizing this cheat. The baby will not be concerned the other parent in the family members tree. This is well if you have actually a solitary parent Sim. However if you want 2 parents to show up in the household tree, you’ll should either use a mod or adjust the household relationship in center PE. I uncover it most basic to use the sim Blender.

With the various other parent selected, click on the sim Blender, then select Family > Baby’s surname > set as mine Child.

This an approach will not add a memory of having actually the son for the 2nd parent. If this bothers you, usage the storage Manipulator mode to include the storage or include it in sim PE if you’re comfortable v the program.

Myths & Rumors

There are number of myths and rumors around different methods to affect or choose a baby’s gender in The Sims 2. These room NOT TRUE and DO not WORK. Here are the techniques you shouldn’t waste your time with:

Eating gelatin during pregnancy go NOT boost chances of having a girl.It doesn’t matter which sim initiates woohoo. Having actually the female center initiate does NOT increase the chances of having actually a girl.The cheat “boolprop force 100” is fake and also does not work.The work of the week that a sim becomes pregnant does not matter.

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There is at this time no present cheat, mod or hack to pressure a details gender. The only choices are the Tombstone the Life and also Death or exiting and also reloading till you gain the gender you want. Together I described above, the opportunities of having either a boy or girl are around 50 percent every time.

If ns really require a girl infant for story purposes, I favor to use the exit and also reload technique so that both parents retain their family ties and also memories without any kind of extra work. The technique that works finest for you will just depend on your play style and also what you desire to achieve. Good luck!