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term client
Definition a computer that requests information from a server in a client/server network
Term client/server network
Definition network that is composed of client and server computers in i m sorry the clients do requests that the server and the server returns the response.

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Term coaxial cable
Definition A solitary copper wire surrounded by class of plastic insulation and also sheathing used largely in cable television and also cable web service.
Term cybercrime
Definition Any criminal action perpetrated mainly through the use of a computer.
Term ethernet network
Definition A network that offers the Ethernet protocol together the way (or standard) whereby the nodes on the network communicate.
Term fiber-optic cable
Definition A cable that transmits data in ~ close to the speed of light follow me glass or plastic fibers.
Term firewall
Definition A software regime or hardware maker designed to protect against unauthorized access to computer systems or networks.
Term hotspot
Definition A location where users can attach to the net wirelessly.
Term LAN
Definition local area network. A network in which the nodes are situated within a small geographic area.
Term network operation system
Definition Software that handles requests because that information, internet access, and the usage of peripherals because that the remainder of the network nodes.
Term quarantining
Definition The place of a computer system virus by antivirus software program in a for sure area on the tough drive so the it won"t spread infection to other files.
Term server
Definition A computer system that offers resources come other computer systems on a network.
Term time bomb
Definition A virus the is triggered by the passage of time or top top a specific date
Term trojan horse
Definition A computer system program that appears to it is in something valuable or preferable (such together a video game or a display screen saver), however at the very same time walk something malicious in the background there is no the user"s knowledge.
Term twisted pair cable
Definition Cables make of copper wires that room twisted roughly each other and are surrounded by a plastic jacket (such as traditional home call wire).
Term virus
Definition A computer system program the attaches chin to one more computer program (known together the host program) and attempts to spread out itself to other computers when files are exchanged.
Term wide area network
Definition A network comprised of local area networks (LANs) connected over lengthy distances.
Term wireless network adapter
Definition A an equipment that is required for every node top top a wireless network for the node to have the ability to communicate with other nodes top top the network.

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Term wireless router
Definition A maker that combines the capabilities of a wired router through the capacity to receive wireless signals.