While your story is a central one to any playthrough of Skyrim, there room a couple of plot holes and details the don"t make sense with the Companions.

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The Companions are one of the factions you can join during your adventures in Skyrim. If you"re a sworn swordsman or fighter in general, you"ll certainly want come head end to Whiterun"s Jorrvaskr and speak through the leader Kodlak to end up being a part of this group.

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However, like any type of faction, they have a well-kept secret. Few of the members room actually werewolves who worship the Daedric Prince Hircine and fight versus the werewolf hunting Silver Hands. While their story is a central one to any type of playthrough the Skyrim, there are a few plot holes and also details the don"t make a most sense through the Companions. Here are 10 that them.

The Companions claim that they have actually no leader, not since Ysgramor. When that could be true in only titles, there"s still clearly people who are reduced in the ranks and those who room obviously in fee of the operations. So, also if lock state to have no main leader, it"s safe to assume the Kodlak has actually a very main role in the operations of the faction.

In fact, it"s ultimately him that we gain sent to due to the fact that he demands to provide our membership. If he to be no leader in ~ all, his intake wouldn"t issue at all, which provides their entirety statement about having no true leader a only formality.

once upon a time, the Companions worked as mercenaries that sorts. However, this would accidentally pit them against each other when they were hired because that the opposing sides of wars and political conflicts. ~ this incident, the Companions swore to never ever partake in such conflicts ever again and also claim to it is in apolitical.

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This is, however, a bit of a stretch. It"s virtually impossible for castle to remain neutral in Skyrim, especially due to the fact that Kodlak has actually a pretty superior political persuade within most of Skyrim"s holds. It would seem the faction"s aspirations of being neutral haven"t exactly end up being true through how necessary Kodlak"s native is.

once we an initial arrive in Whiterun, without understanding anything around the Companions, it"s likely you"ll randomly gain stopped by Aela the Huntress and also be accused of no helping her. If girlfriend didn"t notice, she and a few other Companions were fighting a giant external of the city, yet this occasion is actually easy to miss.

Still, Aela will deliberately seek you out and also blame you for no helping her and her friends. In general, the Companions will at first dislike girlfriend if you don"t partake in the battle, even if girlfriend don"t notification it, i beg your pardon is a little unfair in the direction of just any kind of random stranger.

Skyrim Companions Jorrvaskr
The fun thing around the Companions is that also though lock live within the walls of Whiterun, castle somehow take into consideration themselves and also their allies to be over the legislations of the city. In fact, if you rest the legislation within Whiterun and also anger the guards, the Companions will constantly fight on her side and also protect you.

You would imagine that this would be a very unwise thing to execute for a faction that depends on Whiterun"s protection to operation its straightforward operations from Jorrvaskr, however guards don"t even bat an eye to this. Obviously, if you turn right into a werewolf, the Companions will also defend you no issue what.

In bespeak to end up being a werewolf, you require to join the Companions. However, the exclusive right of this attribute aren"t that far-reaching and you shed your bonus from getting a great night"s rest. Therefore, there"s no real motivation to want to be a werewolf in the an initial place.

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Unfortunately, you need to make the choice of being afflicted through lycanthropy if you desire to complete the full questline because that the Companions, which is a bit annoying and weird. Why can"t we assist Kodlak and also the others without beast blood? We"re never ever given suitable reasoning, simply forced into make a choice where needed.

We already established that the Companions don"t yes, really seem come care around Whiterun"s laws and also regulations. However, if the Jarl is at every well-informed ~ above them, that should recognize by now that the Companions have a dark mystery related to werewolves.

What type of a Jarl wouldn"t suspect that and also most important wouldn"t notice people going right into the Underforge regularly? Balgruuf is painted as among the smarter leaders within Skyrim, however it feels favor he"s also forgiving in the direction of the Companions and doesn"t it seems ~ to an alert the concerns at hand.

The Companions were an initial established together an army of sorts that marched versus the snow Elves in order to earn vengeance after ~ a massacre of humans by your hands well-known as the Night of Tears. When the snow Elves to be defeated, the Companions accomplished their mission and also stood for person supremacy.

This policy adjusted later, yet it makes tiny sense the it did. If the faction was born ~ above the basis of defending humanity against elves, why are human being like Athis enabled to be members that the Companions? Granted, he"s no snow Elf, yet it"s an inexplicable decision nonetheless.

Kodlak is a personality with countless inherent flaws. Namely, he"s reportedly contracted a condition known as Rot, regardless of werewolves not being able come contract any type of diseases. This shouldn"t be possible, yet this plot point is what drives the main quest for the many part, as Kodlak wants to remove his beast blood in order to die and also go come Sovngarde instead of Hircine"s hunting grounds.

another detail that provides no feeling is just how he accepts the Dragonborn together a member after ~ claiming he saw them save him in a dream. Desires aren"t trustworthy, however, and he appears to blindly trust us practically immediately.

Eorlund is thought about the most capable smith in the entire district of Skyrim. Numerous speak of just how he manipulated the legendary Skyforge the create incredible armor and also weapons. While he"s no a member of the Companions, he works hard to carry out them v gear.

This is strange, because Eorlund is a devout supporter of the Stormcloaks, who despise Imperials and also Dark Elves. Yet, the Companions expropriate just around anyone right into their ranks, consisting of Athis and Ria who room both from types the Stormcloaks straight oppose to.

~ the key quest that the faction is complete, either Farkas or Vilkas will strategy you because that a personal quest well-known as Purity. This pursuit will have either of castle cure us of the beast blood. For Vilkas this makes sense, however for Farkas it doesn"t.

as we speak with him, it"s noticeable he likes his beast form, speak he much prefers strategy based top top strength and also fighting quite than talking and also thinking. Because that him to all of sudden want to get rid of his werewolf form is really the end of character, and the pursuit should have only been easily accessible for Vilkas to really make sense.

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