(L-R) A previous Hong Kong cop model 12 Roy chopped and also customized for carry years ago. The blued 2" design 12 came next some years ago, and also recently Roy talked Tiger out of the nickel one, a model 12-3 3rd gen. The old Winchester flashlight is just for fun.


(L-R) The Colt Cobra(with shroud) is classy and holds 6 shots however doesn’t handleas well together the model 12 next in line. In ~ top, the at an early stage Agent likewise has six rounds yet is both an ext austereand exhibits the “stacking” Colt trigger, choose the Cobra.

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I’ve constantly been enamored — is it it s okay to it is in enamored? — v the model 12. If you not up to speed, that a K-Frame S&W with an aluminum alloy framework weighing about 18 oz. In the 2″ version. At an early stage guns were created the Airforce and also even had actually aluminum cylinders, but it was soon discovered they simply didn’t hold up. Introduced to the commercial market roughly 1953, the very same gun with aluminum cylinder endured from the same ills — go figure — therefore the aluminum cylinder obtained tossed for a stole one. Difficulty solved. From then until about 1986 the model 12 (in 4 “generations”) stayed in the Smith catalog in blue or nickel. Ns blessed with among each flavor thanks to my talk Tiger McKee out of his nickel one lately. Don’t hate me Tiger.

When i was a new cop, i stumbled ~ above a blued police trade-in design 12 with a 4″ barrel from, of every places, the Hong Kong police department. It even had a lanyard loop. It was just an old cop total in those days and I think ns paid something choose $125 for it. The was in reality minty inside with small sign of being fired, just lugged a lot. While i loved J-Frames and also D-Frame Colts — and still do — the K-Frame sized design 12 simply handles better. Gift a “full-sized” K-Frame, the enlarge grip, far better sights, longer/smoother action make that much easier to handle and shoot accurately.

I took to that design 12 fast and also carried it off and on for quite some time. I did have actually the feeling not come beat it up with warm ammo — they simply can’t take it +P stuff — and also with a diet of mainly .38 one-of-a-kind Target Wadcutters, it’s still alive and also kicking. Ns did customize it in the late 1980s — examine out the picture — and also snubbing the hammer and also shortening the barrel to about 3″ yes, really made that handy.

To put some perspective right into things, a J-Frame version 36 (steel) weighs around 19 oz. And also carries five rounds. One “Airweight” J-Frame like the classic Model 37 weighs nice close to 14 oz. Depending on the fixed style. So v a 2″ model 12, you gain all the advantage I speak about, in about the same weight range. Speaking of weight, for more reference, that elegant tiny .22 LR in the pic top top p. 96, the version 43, has actually an aluminum cylinder and also is a feather 14 oz. The Colt Cobra in an additional pic manages a comfy 16.5 oz. When the an ext austere at an early stage Agent (with Tyler T-Grip) is about 15 oz. Provide or take. Nearly birds the a feather, if friend will.

But we’re earlier to what ns learned earlier. Even with six shots, the Colt models are smaller sized than the design 12, but the distinctive Colt activity which type of “stacks” as you pull the trigger, provides them not rather as friendly come shoot together the bigger design 12. You’ll feel it the prompt you pick them up. Because that shooting, I’d take it the version 12, if for simply carrying around, with little shooting, the smaller firearms win — barely.

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Contempt bigger method a bit tougher to conceal in a pocket, sure, yet lord, the 2″ model 12’s are delightful come shoot! and also frankly, as precise as any kind of 4″ in ~ 15 or 25 yards. Decisions, eh?