On “So far Away”, Carole King would supposedly be addressing none other than a lover. And she is lamenting the fact that they are “so much away” from each other. The implication is that the distance in between the 2 of lock is a direct result of she being a professional musician and the continuous touring way of life such a job entails. And she likewise uses the instance to do a more macrocosmic observation by mentioning that civilization these days have actually a tendency, in general, to move around quite a lot. But that evaluation basically reads like another means of Carole saying the she is concerned about spending so much time ~ above the road. Indeed doing therefore has currently negatively impacted her partnership with the one she loves.

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Release Date and Album

This track is indigenous Carole King’s “Tapestry”, among the most-successful and also celebrated albums in American history. The detailed release day of the track was March 1971. And there room a number of labels linked with it – A&M Records, Ode Records and Sony/BMG.

“So much Away” was in reality released as a double A-side along with another song titled “Smackwater Jack”.

Notable musicians that show up on “So far Away”

Carole and her team recruited a variety of famous musicians to assist the recording procedure of “So far Away”. For example, the acoustic guitar heard ~ above the track was played by Grammy Award-winning singer James Taylor.

Also, Russ Kunkel, a very-successful musician in his very own right, plays drums on this song. The late jazz musician Curtis Amy likewise appears ~ above the song, wherein she plays the flute.

FYI, in enhancement to her vocals, Carole together played piano top top this song.

Did this tune chart?

Yes. It regulated to make an figure on the Billboard hot 100, where it increased to number 14. Furthermore, it got to number 3 top top Billboard’s Adult modern-day chart. It also charted top top multiple appropriate singles charts in Canada.

Popular consists of “So far Away”

Rod Stewart covered this tune in 1995. His cover to be both critically and also commercially successful. For example, the charted in a couple of countries, consisting of Germany and Canada. It likewise charted in the united States, whereby it got to a optimal position of 2 ~ above the country’s main Adult modern singles chart.

This track was likewise known to be a favorite of the late Amy Winehouse (1983-2011). There space clips the her spanning it on YouTube. The track was also played at her funeral. A really touching rendition of the was provided to conclude her private funeral in July of 2011.

The following artists also covered the King classic:

D-Train in 1984 Jessie Mueller in 2014 Glee actors in 2015 Rachael Sage in 2016

Did Carole King compose “So far Away”?

Yes. She is the exclusive writer of this song. And in 2020 she amendment the lyrics in regards to the social-distancing rules that have become component and thoreau of the coronavirus pandemic.

The song’s original production (which shows up on Carole’s version) to be done by a producer named Lou Adler. In enhancement to his job-related with Carole King, Adler is likewise known because that his plenty of collaborations through the legend American group The Mamas & the Papas. His collaborations through the Mamas & the Papas birthed a number of iconic hits, including the following:

Was “So much Away” released together a single?

Yes. Carole released it alongside “Smackwater Jack” together the second single from her Grammy-winning “Tapestry” album. The complete list the singles claimed album developed are together follows:

“Smackwater Jack”

What music genre is “So far Away”?

It deserve to be mainly said to be a soft absent song. However, it additionally can be defined as a folk rock song.

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Did this standard win Carole King a Grammy?

No, the didn’t. However, the album the it appears on won she the prestigious “Album of the Year” award at the 1972 Grammys. In all, the job earned her a full of 4 Grammys. The tune “Its also Late” (which to be the album’s very first single) earned the Grammy for “Record that the Year” in 1972. The track “You’ve obtained a Friend” (which is additionally one of the tracks on the album) additionally earned her the Grammy because that “Song that the Year” that exact same year.