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The key song that is discussed is the tune of the Family. This doubles together both Kino"s an individual song and also family anthem. It materializes chin throughout the story. The song deserve to take ~ above a happy valuation or wailing tones. Throughout peaceful moments, it speaks of safety, warmth, and wholeness. Juana...

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The main song that is mentioned is the tune of the Family. This doubles as both Kino"s an individual song and family anthem. That materializes itself throughout the story. The song deserve to take top top a happy rhythm or wailing tones. Throughout peaceful moments, it speak of safety, warmth, and wholeness. Juana also contributes come this family song by to sing a variation of its design template using only three notes and also endless arrays of intervals. She sings her very own version the the song of the family to Coyotito (to comfort him), together he suffers v the results of the scorpion"s poison.

Despite the power, the tune of the household can it is in drowned out by the track of Evil, "the music that the enemy, of any foe the the family, a savage, secret, attention melody." The tune of evil accosts the family when the scorpion an initial stings Coyotito. As Kino grabs the offending arachnid and grinds it right into the ground, the song of the foe roars in his ears.

Kino"s people have constantly sung about "everything that occurred or existed." So, when Kino filling his basket v oyster shells, the hears the song of the Pearl That might Be mingling through the track of the Undersea.

Later, once Kino deals with off with the trackers, the song of the household becomes a warrior anthem. That is "as fierce and sharp and feline together the snarl that a mrs puma." after Coyotito"s death, Kino decides come return the good pearl come the sea. Together he prepares to litter the pearl into the waters, the hears the song of the family members as a fight cry. It is fierce and resolute, urging him towards his mission of return the ill-fated pearl to the sea.

So, there space at least 5 songs stated in the story:

1)The song of the Family and also its variations.

2)The tune of Evil.

3)The tune of the Undersea.

4) The song of the Pearl That might Be.

5) The song of the adversary (which shows up to it is in a variation of the track of Evil).


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This is, in reality, kind of a cheat question. In thing one of John Steinbecks" The Pearl the narrator claims that all of the songs sung are considered component of the Whole. Therefore, if looking in ~ the inquiry from this perspective, just one song is sung. 

Another trick come this concern is that Kino known life as songs. For example, the food preparation of breakfast was a track too. Therefore, if looked in ~ in this light, over there are much too many songs come name due to the fact that everything is a song. 

The first actual song pointed out in man Steinbecks" The Pearl shows up in thing one. Here, Juana sings "The track of the Family." really soon afterward, she begins to song an "ancient song that had actually only three notes." 

Later, once the scorpion ideologies Coyotito, the "Song that Evil" and the "Song of the Enemy" space both heard.

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Other song heard in the novella are as follows.

-"The song of the That can Be"

-"The song of the Undersea"

Therefore, there space three answers to the question: 1) too countless songs to count (for whatever is a song); 2) just one tune (because whatever is part of a single song); or 3) over there are 4 songs (as named above).