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What picture do you project to the world? rise confidence and celebrate beauty beauty inside and also out through a playlist of pop, rock, country, and also R&B songs. Due to the fact that you're as beautiful as you feel.

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You're Beautiful the means You Are

Oh, what women put themselves v in the name of beauty! There are dangerous diets, expensive cosmetic surgery, hair extensions, and false eyelashes. We beat ourselves increase with an adverse self-talk, high heels the hurt, undergarments the pull it every in and push it up. Is this what the takes to feel great about ourselves?

When is the critical time you heard a guy fret, "Do these pants make my target look fat?" many don't spend an too much amount that time obsessing over balding heads, potbellies, or being too short. They just roll with with it. And also as women, so must we.

That's due to the fact that beauty doesn't come in the form of a jug or a pair of high value pair that designer jeans. The emmanates indigenous within. Rejoice in gift imperfect, original, and authenitically flawed.

For those of us who require a reminder that we're beautiful inside and out, right here are pop, rock, country, and R&B songs. Make yourself a playlist or offer it to who you care around who requirements a confidence boost. And be sure to tell castle they're beautiful.

A only 4% of females think of themselves as beautiful, according to studies.

1. "Scars to her Beautiful" by Alessia Cara

There's a powerful, positive message imparted in this 2016 popular music hit: you are valid, worthy, beautiful and also enough—just the means you are. The mrs profiled in the track is one who seeks a flawless covergirl image, but her pursuit for external perfection inflicts wounds top top both her body and also spirit.

The narrator encourages her to look deeper come the lasting beauty that imminates within:

But there's a hope that's waiting for girlfriend in the darkYou should recognize you're beautiful just the means you areAnd you don't have to adjust a thingThe human being could readjust its heartNo scars to your beautiful; we're stars, and we're beautiful.

2. "Beautiful" by Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera inspires self-confidence in this 2002 song of hope and self-love. Addressing anyone that feels shame and also doubt around their beauty, the song's narrator urges others to with deep within because that what provides them beautiful:

You are beautiful no issue what lock sayWords can't lug you down ... Oh, noYou space beautiful in every single wayYes, words can't carry you down, oh, no.

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3. "Big Girl (You are Beautiful)" through Mika

This fun, optimistic 2007 song cheers on big girls by letting them recognize they have curves in every the best places. The was written as a shout the end to both bigger women and The Butterfly Lounge, the an initial size acceptance nightclub in the joined States. Ironically, the song never charted in the U.S., yet it reached the top 10 in the joined Kingdom and also other countries.

4. "Imperfect is the new Perfect" through Caitlin Crosby

Don't be afraid to be unique you. That's the message behind this 2009 pop song. Instead of do the efforts to end up being the plasticized, anorexic, airbrushed beauties you view in magazines, adopt your flaws.

Don't shot for an unachievable human body image. Instead, live, smile, and have fun:

I don’t right the moldI am realToo vibrant to concealImperfect is the brand-new perfect.

5. "Just the means You Are" by Bruno Mars

Although the girl the loves can't take it a compliment, this 2010 absent song's narrator showers her with them. He describes how amazingly beautiful she is and pleads v her no to change a thing.


"Whatever you may look like, get married a man your very own age. Together your beauty beauty fades, so will his eyesight" - Phyllis Diller, American

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6. "Oh, quite Woman" through Roy Orbison

Named one of the "500 biggest Songs of all Time" by Rolling Stone magazine, this 1964 hit is around a man who overcome a gorgeous woman on the street. That flirts with her, wonder if she can be together lonely as he is. As she is go away, the pretty woman decides to revolve around and walk ago towards the narrator who summoned her.

7. "Little Things" through One Direction

She squeezes into her jeans and also dislikes both her freckles and also eye crinkles. She additionally hates she stomach and her thighs. The girl in this 2012 track concentrates top top the negative, however the narrator appreciates that every one of these things add up come what provides her uniquely beautiful.

8. "Beautiful Soul" by Jesse McCartney

The narrator the this 2004 pop tune knows over there is miscellaneous exceptional about his girlfriend's beauty. She isn't just a quite face; she's gorgeous ideal down come the cloth of her soul. (That's a man worth keeping.)

9. "You & i (Nobody In the World)" by man Legend

If you room overly concerned around your exterior appearance, probably you could step earlier and check out yourself through the eye of those who love you best. This R&B song from 2014 defines a man's admiration for his lover together she fusses v her makeup and also changes outfits for a night out. He sees the beauty that emmanates from in ~ .. Because isn't that what yes, really counts?

10. "Lovely" by Sara Haze

Ah, self-acceptance is such a beautiful thing! In this 2010 pop song, the narrator feels perfect lovely just the method she is. She wants that come be enough for the other human being in her life together well:

I understand you desire the bestYeah, only great things because that meBut you need to realizeI can't be every these points you task on meCause I'm beautiful come meDoesn't that median a thing?

The typical woman spends $15,000 top top beauty commodities in her lifetime.

11. "Pretty Hurts" by Beyoncé

Women so often feel the pressure to "pageant the pain away," as Queen Bey puts the in this 2014 popular music hit. At any type of physical or emotional cost we strive for perfection: Barbie figures, longer and also lighter hair, blemish-free skin and also teeth.

But beauty, beauty exacts a price, and also Queen Bey desires you to be truly happy with yourself. She knows that it's what's inside that really counts.

12. "Born This Way" by Lady Gaga

This 2011 popular music hit's post is clear, uplifting, and also in her face: every one of us deserve to be beautiful. Each of us room born superstars, for this reason don't it is in timid, hiding what makes you fabulous.

While the track is usually praised for its message, Lady Gaga got some an adverse blowback indigenous Latino and Asian communities for making use of outdated and insensitive racial terms.

13. "Try" by Colbie Callait

Think the the time and effort that goes into your everyday beauty routine, from hair, skin and also nails, come calorie counting and also worrying about your wardrobe. The narrator in this 2014 pop song proclaims that you don't have actually to try so difficult to impress various other people because the one that matters is the one who's looking back at girlfriend in the mirror.

"Do you choose you?" she asks.

14. "F*ckin' Perfect" by Pink

Although Pink to be a high file CoverGirl spokesmodel, hawking cosmetics come accentuate outer beauty, in this earlier 2010 rock hit she champion the value of what's inside. Pink's actual name is Alecia Beth Moore, and also she's understand for she edgy beauty.

In the song, she pleads through you to readjust the an adverse soundtrack around yourself that you have on autoreplay. Push down the fear and also doubt and also believe the you're perfect the way you are.

15. "Ugly" by Sugababes

The narrator in this 2005 brothers pop song shoots under the haters who desire to ruin your confidence and also make you feel ugly. Don't let others' judgments of her physical appearance affect your confidence and love the yourself. Realize that their criticism comes from their very own insecurities:

People are all the sameAnd us only get judged by what we doMy personality reflects meAnd if I'm ugly, thenSo room you.

16. "Young and Beautiful" by Lana Del Rey

Every beautiful woman enjoys her youth and also assumes it will last forever. Yet then age begins to creep in, taking its toll. She no much longer garners the attention she did. She questions what the ravages of time will do, whether her lover will worth her for her mind and also heart.

This haunting 2013 ballad was component of the soundtrack because that The good Gatsby.

17. Beautiful come Me" by Olly Murs

Completely smitten through his lover, the narrator in this 2015 ballad describes her as wearing a safety armor come shield it s her from the world. She is fragile, scarred and also imperfect, but he sees she beauty and the light within.


"There is no actual beauty without some slight imperfection." - James Salter, American writer

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18. "What renders You Beautiful" by One Direction

Beautiful people don't constantly feel persuaded that they are attractive. In this 2011 young band single, the narrator gushes around how gorgeous his like is. She's shy and also insecure and also doesn't watch it.

Keep singing, buddy. You're making progress.

19. "Don't You understand You're Beautiful" through Kellie Pickler

This 2008 country song attributes a narrator that speaks come girls and also women at assorted stages of their life who must hear the blog post that they space beautiful.

She reaches out to the 15-year-old that covets the impossibly airbrushed pictures of fashion magazines, the homecoming queen that is being pressured to offer in come lust in the backseat of a parked car, and the center aged woman whose husband left her for a younger woman. Each among them demands a reminder the they are beautiful (as well as strong and have actually a an option in your fates).

20. "Who friend Are" through Jessie J

Trying to look perfect and project a perfect image, the narrator within beats herself up because that a tiny error. She stops and tells it s her to battered that. This 2011 pop song urges women almost everywhere to it is in themselves, perfect imperfect and also beautiful:

Don't shed who you are, in the blur that the starsSeeing is deceiving, dreaming is believingIt's okay no to be okay.

Even more Songs about Being Beautiful Inside and Out

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SongArtistYear Released

21. True Colors

Cyndi Lauper


22. Girl Can't be Herself

Alicia Keys


23. Beauty, beauty In The Ugly

Jason Mraz


24. All about That Bass

Meghan Trainor


25. Rock What you Got



26. P-Y-T

Michael Jackson


27. Think in Me

Demi Lovato


28. She's Not just a quite Face

Shania Twain


29. Love Myself

Hailee Steinfeld


30. You're worth It



31. Every little thing Is Beautiful

Ray Stevens


32. A an ext Beautiful You

Johnny Diaz


33. Beautiful boy (Darling Boy)

John Lennon


34. Beautiful

Carly Rae Jepson (featuring Justin Bieber)


35. Within Out

Prima J


36. Beautiful

Smashing Pumpkins


37. Unpretty



38. You're Beautiful

James Blunt


39. Bright On

The Kooks


40. Beauty beauty Is only Skin Deep

The Temptations


41. What's Beautiful



42. Beautiful

Akon (featuring Colby O'Donis and Kardinal Offishall)


43. You room So Beautiful

Joe Cocker


44. Beautiful In my Eyes

Joshua Kadison


45. She Don't recognize She's Beautiful

Sammy Kershaw


46. God Made friend Beautiful



47. What provides You different (Makes friend Beautiful)

Backstreet Boys


48. Big, Blond and also Beautiful

Queen Latifah


49. You're Sixteen, You're Beautiful and You're Mine

Ringo Starr


50. Beautiful Girl

Sara Bareilles


51. Her own Kind the Beautiful

Chris Lane


52. Simply the method You Are

Billy Joel


53. Brave ethical Beautiful

Fifth Harmony feat. Meghan Trainor


54. My Woman, my Woman, mine Wife

Marty Robbins


55. Crooked Smile

J. Cole


56. Road less Traveled

Lauren Alania


57. Perfect

Ed Sheeran


58. Beautiful

Enrique Iglesias (featuring Kylie Minogue)


59. Perfect

Topic & ally Brooke


60. Beautiful Crazy

Luke Combs


61. Hello you Beautiful Thing

Jason Mraz


62. Carolina



63. The way You look at Tonight

Frank Sinatra


64. Beautiful

Bazzi (featuring Camilla Cabello)


65. S.L.U.T.

Bea Miller


66. Close your Eyes

Meghan Trainor


67. Pretty's ~ above the Inside

Chloe Adams


68. Plain Brown Wrapper

Gary Morris


69. Thursday

Jess Glynne


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MG - Yes, you space right. Have actually a great day.

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Flourish, beauty beauty is in the eye of the beholder yet you have a lovely selection here and I will certainly download a couple of of them.

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Peggy - thanks for sharing your opinion here. So many world are attractive on the outside however not on the inside.

Peggy Woods indigenous Houston, Texas on April 24, 2020:

It is the within of a human (whether a woman or a man) that shines. That is so true that beauty go come indigenous within, and that is what matters most.

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DearEvanHansen - say thanks to you because that such a sort comment. We each have actually beauty in us. Some of us come in bright, nice packages and also there may or might not be an excellent underneath. Others of us have actually plain wrapping and also underneath there is surprising beauty, like a geode.