Pressing ~ above the title display screen will rotate in between palettes tailored for the video game Boy Advance, game Boy breakthrough SP and the Nintendo GameCube"s game Boy Player. This function is mentioned in manualsMedia:SonicAdvance3 GBA us manual.pdf<1>Media:SonicAdvance3 GBA UK manual.pdf<2>, but is no explained.

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Curiously, regardless of having a backlit screen, the video game Boy development SP option supplies the lightest palette.

Special stage mode


Complete every 7 unique Stages, then, top top the main menu, highlight "Main Game" and also press


Highlighting "Options" and pressing will screen the code on-screen because that reference.

Unused content




A level pick preview graphic for Altar Emerald. This zone cannot be accessed via the Sonic Factory, Time Attack and VS Race, therefore this graphic go unused.


Sound test No.NameDescription
#17(Intact Music 1)This track follows the tracks offered for the hubs and also Altar Emerald.
#47(Intact Music 2)An prolonged version the the final Clear jingle heard after beating the last boss.

Level chunks

Zone Maps and Mini-games

Located at ROM addresses $E7E700 (US), $E758D4 (JP) and also $E7EA90 (EU):


Wed Apr 14 20:24:28 2004

Sun Apr 18 21:26:47 2004
Sun Apr 18 21:37:53 2004

Cheat maker codes


Official codes, united state versionCodeEffectReference
0000E830 000A + 100B9B14 0007Enable password (Must it is in On).
A30015DC 0000 + 8300160C 000FInvincible (Only when Moving).
A30015DC 0000 + 8300161C 000FAlways have Speed Shoes.
8300094C 03E7Infinite Rings.
33000954 0009Infinite Lives.
8300094E 0200Infinite/Low Time.
D0000020 0004 + 330015C7 0003Hold choose To happen Through details Objects.
730015DE 0200 + 830015C6 0001 + 730015DE 0100 + 830015C6 0000Press For turning back Gravity/Press For common Gravity.
330015CC 00??
switch Power comprehensive (00: regular Slide, 1F: Hammer, 29: power Slide).
330015CD 00??Jump power Modifier (00: Normal, 0F: rise Jump).
330015E8 00??1st character Modifier (00: Sonic, 01: Cream, 02: Tails, 03: Knuckles, 04: Amy).
33001734 00??2nd character Modifier (00: Sonic, 01: Cream, 02: Tails, 03: Knuckles, 04: Amy).
33001708 00D5 + 730018D4 000A + 830018D4 00D5Tails never ever Gets worn down When Flying.
33001704 00D5Cream never ever Gets tired When Flying.
33000540 001FEnable every Characters.
83000558 7F09All levels Open.
83000562 FFFFHave every Chaos Emeralds.
43000552 0909 + 00000004 0002Have every 9 Keys.
83004120 000BUnlock Special stage Mode.
43004866 0000 + 00000007 08ECAlways obtain A Chaos Emerald.
43000544 03FF + 00000007 0002Have every Choas Found.
83000562 047FHave every Chaos Emeralds.

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D0000020 0001 + 830015DA FB00Mega Jump.


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