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map passwords:Enter the codes together passwords in Emerl"s story line at the Sonic Team Building.
Amy Combo cardalogK
Chaos Combo cardEkiTa
Cream Combo cardZAhan
E-102 combo cardtSueT
Knuckles Combo cardyU3Da
Rouge Combo cardAhnVo
Shadow Combo cardArmIa
Sonic Combo card75619
Tails Combo cardOTrOI
skill Points:If girlfriend have got a particular move and also it won"t allow you use it, go practice with knuckles or sonic or tails etc., and also get much more skill points, the much more you have actually the more moves you can use!(supplied by: bisness)
There room 9 codes because that this game.(m)90f68e46eebd08fa8823d23db11780cfInfinite Healthfd95d9e07af23bdfInf Ichikoro Gaugef2d3a4e76e1f88abSel=All Die but You3dd2b19c10ac6b69ee967090de55e1a5c9f9d41191692d48a7abd755b9783ad61e27d83bbbfb69231-Hit death Enemiesf37c8409c3928c24a6786559f25b03da5a5e03e3e7e6e43ae45487cc883b63bc6e2a80cdbb346e0ba486360117d7f3b2Max ability Pointsaad22fe29daa6a60All skill Cards25cdb731dc892e5765536954456b8a48ecfc11df7942b1186f5a8e6f87caea32Story modes Complete224e9a9e29646860Mini games Unlocked401d2d74a2aed199 get the best choice of Cheats, Codes, Walkthroughs/Guides/FAQs, Unlockables, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, and much more from Cheat password Central.The Genie has an ext Sonic battle Cheats at CheatingDome.com.
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