I indicate analysis the totality short article before you comment. In this article, Crona"s sex is explained THEORETICALLY.

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Hallo Ghouls and also Girls, Boys and also Witches. I made a decision its around time to make an additional short article in my despeprice attempt to reach Five-Hundred followers in sooner or later. (Yes, That"s my bloody goal.) And determined "Why have human being not theorized this specific subject?" And I"m talking around the subject no one likes to talk around.

Cronas Gender

So I have actually taken it upon myself to Use what little bit reality I need to theorize this particular topic. But keep in mind, I will certainly be referring to Crona in Male pronouns, I feel it would be disrespectful to call him "It". So we will certainly begin with:



• We all understand Medusa is a Witch, Let"s keep this in mind.

• Medusa Is likewise a Scientist.

• The only factor the Manga and Anime describe Crona in Male Pronouns is bereason they said they thought it would certainly be disrespectful to speak to him "it". Same reason I am referring to him in male pronouns.

•Atsushi Ōkubo himself has actually declared that HE, Does not also recognize what gender Crona is.

•Atsushi Ōkubo has actually declared he desires human being to look at Crona the way they watch his gender as, So if you believe Crona is a Boy, Or a Girl, you are not completely wrong, you simply have to be even more open up and also knowledge towards others opinions/views on his sex.

•Crona Is ridiculously skinny, So how might he have actually with stood an substantial of Blood being moved inside Him?

•Noone knows who Cronas Father Is. (Keep this in Mind.)


This Image gets me Everytime...


Now, it is time for me to peace together every one of this nonfeeling, Due to the fact that I am more than likely boring you. Right? Let"s begin with the Beginning of my Conclusion.

Medusa being a scientist, often tends to views points favor a researcher to the suggest of making use of actual people such as her very own son, for experiments. Like Babsence blood, and also perhaps many type of even more things.

Crona"s heart Is purple, the prevalent spirit color of a Witch, yet whether or not he is a Witch or Warlock is unwell-known, so could we take this to an advantage? Medusa sees Crona as an item of war, who"s only usage is to fight for her and also come to be the kishin. So why would certainly gender issue to her?


My Cσиcℓυsσи:

Crona does not have a specific gender because he was made via Medusa"s Magic, or also Science Itself. This would define why: His soul is purple (Yet we don"t understand if he is a Witch or Warlock). Who his Father is. And why we view clues in both the Manga and Anime hinting in the direction of both genders. My facts to earlier this up is the easy fact that Atsushi Ōkubo himself proclaimed he does not understand Cronas gender, And the reality that Medusa only sees Crona as a War Tool, so why would certainly his "gender" issue to her?

This additionally explain"s why he has difficulties "Dealing through stuff". The human brain Is Intricate and also complex, Medusa likely wouldn"t have the ability to perfect her job-related. It might have actually been a side result of an experiment gone wrong.

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Notes/End of the Post

Now now, Keep in mind this is only a Theory, do not go bashing me in the comment section, oh and also please execute tell me if I have a plot hole, It would be appreciated. Personally I like seeing him as a Boy, and I imagine Noah is his feasible father. Who knows... Maybe Noah aided make Crona with Magic. ORDIDOTHERTHINGS( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

So what carry out you think? Give me your thoughts in that tragic comment area. And a Like and Folreduced Is heavily appreciated considering I"m trying to reach Five-Hundred Followers in at some point. Its been fun sharing this theory via you, Thank you all for taking your time to read this. And keep in mind, This isn"t specifically Theorizing his Sex, its more Theorizing WHY he is genderless. At the finish of the day, Crona is Crona. Thanks for analysis.