For some, tongue rolling comes normally while because that others (both native and non-native speakers) the takes year to master. It’s crucial to practice the letter as lot as feasible for enhanced pronunciation. One of the best ways to execute so is with spelling words, and also we’re giving a ton of them here for you! spelling Words: letters R and RR

The an initial step in discovering the R is rolling her tongue. However, over there is more to the R pronunciation than just trilling. There space actually two different ways come say this letter.

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Soft R

when there is a solitary R in the center of the word, it is pronounced v a light trill or a little flight that the tongue.

Hard R

The tough R is pronounced with a solid trill and also is what most human being think of through a accent. The difficult R is used with:A solitary R in ~ the start of a wordA single R at the finish of a wordAn RR in the middle of the word.

For our spelling indigenous today, we will certainly be concentrating on the tough R pronunciation in ~ the start of a word and also as an RR. Note that words never ever start through a RR; that is only discovered in the center of words.

* Spelling native that start with R

To do the many of the complying with order lists, exercise them as lot as you can. Start with just a couple words and also write castle on a post-it keep in mind or a whiteboard. Constantly seeing the words you are trying to grasp will aid you commit them to permanent memory.

Also, nothing be afraid to practice spelling the native in out loud. It might seem monster at first to order words come yourself, yet it is a good way to practice exterior of class. If you room using these lists with your youngsters or friends, quiz each various other on her spelling.

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Try to always spell the following words in Even if it is you say the letter out according to or in your head, it’s vital to usage the letter pronounced level to prepare you yourself for when you space asked come spell miscellaneous in (It happens more often 보다 you think, particularly with names!) To obtain you started, right here the pronunciations of the letters that appear most frequently in the perform below:

R: air-ray

A: ah

E: ay

I: ee

O: oh

U: oo

For the RR, you have the right to either speak air-ray air-ray or doble air-ray (double R).

RA- Words

4-letter Words
La raízRootrah-eez
La ramaBranchrah-mah
La rataRatrah-tah
La rayaStriperah-yah
La razaRace (ethinic group or breed)rah-sah
5-letter Words
El radioRadiorah-dyoh
La rampaRamprahm-pah
El rangoRange, rankrahn-goh
El ratónMouserah-tohn
La razónReasonrah-sohn
6-letter Words
RascarTo scratchrahs-cahr
RasgarTo tearrahs-gahr
7-letter Words
La rapidezSpeedrah-pee-dayz
RasurarTo shaverah-soor-ahr
RazonarTo reason, rationalizerah-sohn-ahr
8-letter Words

RE- Words

3-letter Words
La redNetwork, netrehd
La resBeefrays
El reyKingray
4-letter Words
RealReal, royalray-ahl
ReírTo laughray-eer
El renoReindeerray-noh
El retoChallengeray-toh
5-letter Words
RegarTo waterray-gahr
La reinaQueenray-nah
El reinoKingdomray-noh
El restoRest, remainderrays-toh
6-letter Words
La rebajaDiscountray-bah-hah
El rebañoFlockray-bah-nyoh
El recesoRecessray-say-soh
La recetaReciperay-say-tah
El reciboReceiptray-see-boh
El regaloGiftray-gah-loh
La regiónRegionray-hee-ohn
RendirTo give uprehn-deer
El repasoReviewray-pah-soh
ReunirTo gatherray-oo-neer
7-letter Words
ReabrirTo reopenray-ah-breer
La recargoSurchargeray-cahr-goh
El rechazoRejectionray-chah-soh
RecibirTo receiveray-see-beer
RecogerTo pick upray-koh-hair
ReducirTo reduceray-doo-seer
ReferirTo referray-fair-eer
El refugioRefuge, shelterray-foo-hee-yoh
RegañarTo scoldray-gahn-yahr
El rellenoFillingray-yay-noh
RemoverTo removeray-moh-bair
RepararTo repairray-pahr-ahr
RepasarTo reviewray-pah-sahr
El repolloCabbageray-poh-yoh
El respiroBreathray-speer-oh
ResumirTo resumeray-soo-meer
El retrasoDelayray-trah-soh
El retratoPortraitray-trah-toh
La reuniónMeetingray-oon-yohn
RevisarTo review, reviseray-bee-sahr
8-letter Words
La reacciónReactionray-ahk-see-yohn
La realidadRealityray-ahl-ee-dahd
La rebeliónRebellionray-behl-ee-yohn
RechazarTo rejectray-chah-sahr
ReciclarTo recycleray-see-clahr
RecordarTo rememberray-cohr-dahr
El registroRecordray-hee-stroh
RegresarTo returnray-gray-sahr
La religiónReligionray-lee-hee-ohn
RescatarTo rescueray-skah-tahr
ResolverTo resolveray-sohl-bair
RespetarTo respectray-spay-tahr

RI- Words

3-letter Words
El ríoRiverree-oh
4-letter Words
La risaLaughree-sah
El ritoRite, ritualree-toh
5-letter Words
El ritmoRythmreet-moh
El riñónKidneyreen-yohn
6-letter Words
El riesgoRiskree-ays-goh
El rincónCornerreen-cohn
El ritualRitualree-too-ahl
7-letter Words
La riquezaWealthree-kay-sah
7-letter Words

RO- Words

3-letter Words
El rolRolerohl
4-letter Words
La rocaRockroh-kah
La rosaRoseroh-sah
La ropaClothesroh-pah
5-letter Words
RobarTo stealroh-bahr
RogarTo begroh-gahr
6-letter Words
RodearTo surroundroh-day-ahr
El romeroRosemaryroh-mair-oh
RoncarTo snorerohn-kahr
7-letter Words
La rodillaKneeroh-dee-yah
8-letter Words
El ronroneoPurrrohn-rohn-ay-oh
La rotaciónRotationroh-tah-see-ohn

RU- Words

4-letter Words
La rutaRouteroo-tah
5-letter Words
La ruedaWheelrway-dah
El ruidoNoiserwee-doh
La ruinaRuinrwee-nah
El rumorRumorroo-mohr
6-letter Words
El rugidoRoarroo-hee-doh
La rutinaRoutineroo-teen-ah
7-letter Words
RuidosoNoisyrwee-doh-soh assignment Words that Contain RR

4-letter Words
La erreRair-ray
5-letter Words
El arrozRiceahr-rohs
La barraBar, railbahr-rah
El burroDonkeyboor-roh
El carroCarcahr-roh
El errorErrorair-rohr
La garraClawgahr-rah
La gorraHatgohr-rah
El jarroJughahr-roh
El perroDogpair-roh
La torreTowertohr-ray
El zorroFoxsohr-roh
6-letter Words
El ahorroSavingsah-ohr-roh
El arroyoStreamahr-roh-yoh
El barrioNeighborhoodbahr-ryoh
BorrarTo erasebohr-rahr
CerrarTo closesair-rahr
El correoMailcohr-ray-oh
CorrerTo runcohr-rair
La guerraWargair-rah
El hierroIronyair-roh
La tierraLandtyair-rah
7-letter Words
AburrirTo boreah-boor-reer
AferrarTo graspah-fair-ahr
AgarrarTo grabah-gahr-rahr
El burritoBurritoboor-ree-toh
La carreraRace, career, major, roadcahr-rair-ah
La carretaCartcahr-ray-tah
El cigarroCigarsee-gahr-roh
El derrameStroke, spilldair-rah-may
IrritarTo irritateeer-ree-tahr
OcurrirTo occur, to happenoh-coor-reer
La pizarraChalkboardpee-sahr-rah
El socorroHelpsoh-kohr-roh
La terrazaRoof, terracetair-rah-sah
7-letter Words
ArrancarTo pull outahr-rahn-kahr
ArreglarTo fix, to mendahr-ray-glahr
ArruinarTo ruinahr-roo-een-ahr
El barrancoRavinebahr-rahn-koh
El borradorEraserbohr-rah-dohr
El cachorroPuppykah-chohr-roh
CorregirTo correctkohr-ray-heer
DerretirTo meltdair-ray-teer
EncerrarTo encloseain-sair-rahr
El narradorNarratornahr-rah-dohr
SusurrarTo whispersoo-soor-rahr
El torrenteTorrenttohr-rain-tay
El zorrilloSkunksohr-ree-yoh