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Permissions/rights/reproduction and information requests:

The Louisiana Digital Library (LDL) is written of collections from plenty of different institutions. Permission come publish and also acquire pictures or requests for more information about materials the you discover in the LDL need to be command to the school that added the item come the LDL. To find the call who can assist you, discover the field called "Contact Information" beside the photo of attention to you. The Louisiana Digital Library is a business provider only and has no authority to grant permission come publish or supply high-resolution images.

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Technical assistant/site support

The Louisiana Digital Library platform has been developed by LSU Libraries on behalf of the Louisiana Digital Consortium. It runs on the Islandora open-source digital repository software.

LSU Libraries" technology Initiatives: lsudiglib

Thanks for your interest in the Louisiana Digital Library.

About the Louisiana Digital Library (LDL)

The Louisiana Digital Library (LDL) is the front door to Louisiana"s digital social heritage. Members encompass public libraries, scholastic libraries, museums, and archives from arcross the state.

Currently, there are 25 participating organizations in the LDL. Each school contributes the digital items and the descriptive text for your collections.

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Calcasieu Parish public LibraryDelgado neighborhood CollegeEast Baton Rouge Parish LibraryLaw Library of LouisianaLouisiana State ArchivesLouisiana State MuseumLouisiana State UniversityLouisiana State college at AlexandriaLouisiana State university at ShreveportLouisiana State University health Sciences Center brand-new OrleansLouisiana State University health Sciences center ShreveportLouisiana tech UniversityLoyola University brand-new OrleansMcNeese State UniversityNicholls State UniversityNorthwestern State UniversitySouthern UniversityState Library the LouisianaThe Historic brand-new Orleans CollectionTulane UniversityUniversity the Louisiana in ~ LafayetteUniversity of Louisiana at MonroeUniversity of brand-new OrleansVermilionville Living history Museum & Folklife ParkWebster Parish Library

The LDL is constructed with Islandora, one open resource digital library system based on Fedora, Drupal, and Solr.

Information around the Louisiana Digital Consortium deserve to be uncovered here: http://louisianadigitalconsortium.org