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Does anyone recognize where I have the right to buy a bolt for a Stevens version 15 single shot rifle made in the 1950"s? according to mine gun collector book, the was also sold as a Stevens-Springfield model 15 and also a Savage version 15. The initial bolt is lacking from the rifle. Thanks for any information. Gary

You"ll no only need the bolt body & handle, you"ll likewise need the cocking piece, rebound collar, mainspring retaining washer, striker, mainspring, & firing pin.You can get them here:"s a nice tiny to be my very first rifle and I still have it (a Christmas current in 1948). But, unfortunately, by the time you"ve added up the prices of all those parts, they"ve probably exceeded the worth of the gun.
Thanks because that the details guys. So Xracer ,I looked up the website and at the bolt and parts and also I take it it the the bolt is offered without those parts incuded. That would make it an ext costly than the rifle is worth as you say. What website sells supplied old firearms like these that are fun to own and not really collector"s items ? My brother bought this model 15 in the 50"s and also we offered to use it for squirrel and also plinking and also it is much more of a nostalgia item come me. Anyway many thanks again and also stay by the fireside this evening for sure. The cold wind is blow off great old Lake Erie below tonight. Gary

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-12 here this morning Gary. And, yeah, ns know around the winter wind off "The Lakes".....I went to school in Rochester, NY.....and was a cop there because that a while.And yeah, ns know around "Nostalgia Guns", mother & Dad (with part misgivings) provided me my little Springfield 15 because that Christmas once I was 13 year old. It to be my very first rifle, ns still have it, and wouldn"t sell it because that a million bucks.Since friend don"t seem to require this point in a hurry, I"d indicate that girlfriend look approximately and try to discover a offered"s a version 15 bolt on Ebarf....but looks choose the time is running out. girlfriend don"t need the thing best away, just keep checking back on there under "Sporting items - hunting - total Parts" and type in "Bolt".Another opportunity is to find in "Other Rifle Parts" top top the ********* Auction site:http://www.*********.com/Auction/Se...Type=1&Keywords=Bolt&Cat=3039&Page=1&Items=50....and Gun parts on AuctionArms: patience.....sooner or later on one will show up.