What 3 odd integers native the set 1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15 that once summed together amounts to to 30? note that any integer have the right to be used more than once.

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Is there any type of possibility to fix these sort of questions with part formulae? keep in mind I have actually gone with the answers for making it with 5 numbers.


Note the all the aspects of the set are odd.

Hence, also if us repeat, us have, w.l.o.g, the adhering to cases

(i) weird $x$ + odd $x$ + odd $y$ = Even+Odd=Odd

(ii) odd $x$ + strange $y$ + odd $z$ = Odd

(iii) weird $x$ + odd $x$ + strange $x$ = Even+Odd=Odd

.... If $30$ is even.

I actually remember this concern which is rumored to it is in from an IAS exam and no one might solve it except the topper. That"s in reality a false rumor.

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The only means you can acquire $30$ is by doing that in a chrischona2015.orgematically incorrect means (by a "trick"), prefer $7.5+9.5+13=30$

Other 보다 that, this question just is a bogus question.

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