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ArtistSystem that a under
Bootleg / Unauthorized
3.12 / 5.00.5 native 119 ratings
#54 for 2002, #1,450 overall


Storaged Melodies includes a few pretty to solve tracks, some solid covers, which are partly far better than the originals in my opinion (eg. Snowblind or Metro).But tracks prefer "Will They dice 4 You", which only contain tiny soad features, don't yes, really belong here.The fact, that numerous tracks were tape-recorded badly, i m sorry is understandable for a compilation, that contains demos, makes it also worse.But still: part tracks are outstanding.Not a should have, however a good way, to obtain some that the unreleased tracks.
flawlesspavement Nov 15 2015 3.50 stars
Sometimes cover songs are better than the original. Periodically they fall flat. Storaged Melodies contains both. Stand-outs space "Marmalade," "The Metro," "Snowblind," "Feel Good," "Starlit Eyes," "Don't walk off Wandering"A worthy addition to any type of SOAD fan's catalog, yet not essential. Manufacturing quality and inconsistency holds this relax back.7.0/10
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