Mow, mow, mow her grass…Clear the tropical mob.Powerfully, easily, greenly, merrily…Task pressure does the job.

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(Sung to the track of “Row heat Row your Boat”)

Too much rain because that too long a time produced a literal tropical in mine yard the I might not mow with my non-motorized reel mower. The young man who used to mow mine lawn is currently in college and is liven with dual degrees and also working other work to aid pay for college. What come do?

After lot research, I chose to buy the Task force 18” 12-amp electric lawn mower in ~ Lowe’s and mow down the jungle myself. I don’t favor to mess v gas and also oil because that a gas-powered mower, and also I require something relatively small and easy come handle due to the fact that I’m only five feet tall and “mature.” of course, the mower to be going to need to handle gaining through the woodland of grass and crazy weeds that had sprung up v the overwhelming of rain. (I discovered wild onions in mine yard. Yikes!)

Well… my selection was a an excellent one! This tiny mower reduced right with the forest. The course, it would be an less complicated job if ns were 5’9” and also had muscles and strength. But, considering mine size and minimal strength, i am very happy with the task the mower is doing for me therefore far.

Here room a few pictures to aid you visualize mine predicament –


Street side yard after a pair of runs with the mower.

The mower has actually a bag ~ above the back, however I had actually to hitch it up to the highest height measurement to obtain through the mass. (This mower has eight height adjustments. Woo! Hoo!) it is why several of the clippings escaped native underneath as I was mowing.


Front the side yard after a couple of runs. As you can see, “cut” is the goal at this time, not “pretty.”


I driven the mower into the tallest tropical in the side garden so you deserve to see exactly how tall the tropical is in places and the incredible instance I had actually to transaction with.


The main front garden isn’t nearly as tall or dense. Say thanks to goodness!



However, the back yard is walk to be a real ordeal, i’m afraid. The photo doesn’t really show just exactly how high or dense this is. Ns haven’t tackled that component yet.

When i was researching, I discovered some small electric mowers the were 6.5 amps. But I believed I would most likely need a little much more power, therefore I obtained the 12-amp. I’m not sure the 6.5 amp mower could have excellent the task that this little guy is doing.

I don’t have to address gas or oil. Ns don’t have to shot to pull on a chord to obtain it started. I just plug the in, press a begin button, and also lift up on the engager bar. It consists of a mulch plug and also a side-discharge chute if I desire to mulch or just let the clippings fly as soon as the grass is shorter. I’m utilizing the collection bag ideal now because the grass is so tall. The repertoire bag is at sight simple. The prior of the bag has actually two bars that fit quickly right into slots on the back discharge chute. The peak of the bag has a manage to seize to assist lift and manipulate the bag.

The mower didn’t quit ~ above me also once. It even sliced with a soda can that ns didn’t watch to eliminate from the tall grass.

I’m still functioning on figuring the end the best way to resolve the electric cord that adheres to me almost everywhere like a large snake. I’m so fear I’ll run over it and slice that that ns keep avoiding to relocate it around. Yet I’m sure I’ll figure out a good process at some point.

It will certainly take a couple of days to get through every the former and back yard – not because of the mower but since of the heat and my limitations. But since I need to do this myself, I’m yes, really glad I uncovered this little super trooper.

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