I"m finishing a letter come a girlfriend by asking the tracking number of a package he sent to me. Deserve to I finish my letter with

Thank you because that letting me understand the tracking number


Thank you to let me recognize the tracking number



If you want to inquiry , friend would more than likely not use "Thank you" in ~ the start of the sentence. The is possible to do a request and also start a sentence in this way, yet it might be understood as a little rude since you are basically giving a command but hiding the in the form of gratitude.

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The other alternative that Ronald single proposes in his comment is valid, however I think the is a little formal (even haughty), particularly for a letter between friends.

You"d be better off speak something like:

... And if you would certainly send me the tracking info when you gain the chance, I would certainly appreciate it.


Thank you for letting me know the tracking number.

Thank you come let me understand the tracking number.

The very first sentence is grammatical; you thank somebody for something/doing something. Girlfriend don"t usage a to-infinitive with "thank" if you desire to say the you are grateful to somebody for something.


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'Thank you for taking your time writing' or 'Thank girlfriend for acquisition your time to write' ?

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